#ncpol: MASSIVE TOOL alert!

my-massive-toolWRAL’s Mark “Binky” Binker and the state House’s Nelson Dollar are engaged in quite a contest for the honor of being crowned THE BIGGEST TOOL in Raleigh’s, um, “toolbox.”  (And, believe me, there are A LOT of “tools” in that box.)

First off, we have Binky on Twitter speculating about WHO will replace Antonin Scalia before the body is even cold:


*Nice.* (Note to Ms. Leslie — you need to get your coffee boy in check before Kami kicks his ass.  She can do it.)   Surely Mr. Goodmon would not allow such insolence from Binky if it had been — say —  Ruth Bader Ginsburg who had passed on, instead of Scalia. bink

And TODAY, Binky presents us with coverage of Nelson Dollar’s primary race, where we are led to believe that Dollar’s primary challenger is illegitimate because he’s NOT SMART ENOUGH to understand the,um, complexities of Jones Street.  (Apparently that didn’t matter for ol’ Nelson when he successfully primaried incumbent David Miner in 2004.)   Oh, and if Alma Adams — who apparently struggles with counting — can handle life on Jones Street, I think Mark Villee certainly can. 

DollarOne thing I learned from reading this linked article (and many others penned by Binky)? It’s pretty clear — and pretty amazing — that a guy, like Binky, who hangs out all day at the legislature has such a lack of understanding, himself, of how the place works.  He actually includes a passage about how ol’ Nelson is merely doing the will of the House as budget chairman.  (ANYONE who follows the legislature closely knows how much of the big decisions there are made by a handful of people in a  secluded back room.)