R.I.P, Antonin Scalia.

thWe lost a great man this weekend.   He was one of the few souls left in our nation’s capital who still believed our Constitution is worth respecting and paying attention to.

It is disheartening to listen to our elected leaders and drivebys speak about Justice Scalia in a manner akin to discussion of The Super Bowl, the race for the National League pennant, or March Madness.  *Oh, it’s going to shift the balance from 5-4 conservative to 4-5 conservative!*

Really?  The biggovtSupreme Court was established as a check on the other two branches of government.  In modern times, politicians have ceded more and more legislative authority to this unelected group.  And, due in no small part to the misdeeds of our current vice-president, nominations for the court, and lower federal courts, has become deeply politicized.   Surely, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Madison could never have imagined a nominee’s views on funding Planned Parenthood, Adam and Steve getting “married”,  or single-payer nationalized health insurance as bases for determining said nominee’s fitness for the high court.

Who would have thought that it would become controversial to actually follow the language established by our founding fathers?

Since 2001, we’ve watched an incredibly rapid erosion of our rights and freedoms. Statists are working to make US citizenship a joke — an afterthought.  Our kids are being taught that their relationships with this week’s sex partner is no different from Mom and Dad’s thirty year marriage. Our ability to actually do what we wish with our own property — and actually live life under the protections of the Bill of Rights — hangs in the balance with these appointees vetted and approved by the amoral, boozing, lying, thieving blow-dried scalawags on Capitol Hill. 

Heroes like Scalia, Thomas, Alito – -and in some cases, Roberts — have stood up and held the line against further trashing of our freedoms.  But that work needs to shift back to the legislative and executive branches.  In 1994 and 2010 we got promised a radical shift of power back to the people.  What we got, instead, was a complete surrender to statism.

North Carolthom-smokingina’s US senators will get to play a key role in the future direction of The Supreme Court.  Thom Thilli$$$, for some reason, sits on the Judiciary Committee.  Any nominee the president submits would have to pass muster with that committee.  Of course, Loretta Lynch already made it through this same group. Thilli$$$, for what it’s worth, has said he favors waiting for the next president to pick Scalia’s replacement.

Spineless Richard Burr is up for reelection this year.  He gave two thumbs up to Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch.  He also highly praised Judge Max Cogburn — the leftist hack who dreamed up rulings that threw out our state constitution’s marriage amendment and that threw our congressional elections into their current state of chaos.   I’m not real comfortable with his decision-making, either.  

The GOP Senate has fallen all over itself to appease Obama since 2014.  Do they have the guts to stay in session burrnon-stop until the November elections, in order to prevent a recess appointment by Obama?

We need to take a stand and END the policy-making and legislating by unelected folks in black robes.  We need some leadership.  With Scalia’s passing, I had the same disheartened feeling as I did with the passing of Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley, Jesse Helms, and Andrew Brietbart.  Those were great warriors for freedom and individual liberty.  But to keep this great American experiment going strong, we need some younger folks to step in and try to fill their shoes.  Guys like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are trying to get it done.  But they need a lot of foot-soldiers to stand with them in the fight.

Until we take our country back, we need to be mindful of the fact that the future of our country, and the continuation of our special freedoms, could very well be in the hands of Barry Obama, his leftist ideologue Supreme Court appointee, and a spineless Republican Congress. 

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  1. When I heard Justice Scalia died, my thoughts were like those of Obi-Wan in Star Wars regarding the destruction of Alderaan: “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

  2. Everyone who cares should pick up a phone and call Tillis and Burr and make it very clear that the Supremes will have eight justices until February 2017 if we are to have any reason to work for a continued GOP Senate majority.

  3. We need a US Senator that truly understands the original intent of the Constitution. Dr. Brannon has proven he understands it, has studied it and is prepared to pledge his Constitutional Oath to uphold the Constitution. It is imperative that NC elects Greg Brannon as our next Senator. He told us what we would get if Tillis won and he was right. We already know what we have with Burr. Greg Brannon is the answer that NC so desperately needs because he holds himself and our country to the Constitution. He won’t ever waiver on his core principles. Without Greg Brannon….we will continue to get more of the same lying bureaucracy that we have now.

    1. Agreed. Burr has worn out his welcome with NC Republican voters. He has been voting as an Obama Republican. NC Republicans can do better, and Brannon is the best option on the ballot.

  4. As a liberal, I fully encourage GOP Senators (especially those running for President) to continue to say that this and only this President doesn’t get to perform his Constitutionally-authorized prerogatives.

    1. as a liberal you are running this country and we all here will be praying for you and our country but wanting to turn American into a your own pagan palace is nothing to brag about and it is not what the founding fathers had in mind when they founded our nation

    2. Lets get real. No one is saying he can’t nominate. Conversely, the Senate is under no obligation to give consent.

      1. Try winning the Senate. The president can appoint whomever he would like to but the senate does not have to confirm his nominee. The socialist party lead by your hero chuck shimmer passed a resolution banning presidents from appointing Supreme Court justices in their last term. Do some research!

    3. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, is an undocumented, illegal alien, usurper!
      Soetoro has no legal US documents. Ie., Social Security Number, the one he used on his Illinois real estate property is stolen, his birth certificate is an Internet creation and a copy of his Kenyan birth certificate is in wide public distribution. Soetoro’s Selective Service documents are forged.
      Speaker Ryan must commission an investigation in the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Robert Goodlatte of Soetoro’s citizenship and legitimacy to be in our country using Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s investigative evidence, expose and remove the usurper from our White House!
      When removed, we the people will nullify all Soetoro has attempted to do including the two Supreme Court Justices, Sotomayor and Kagan.
      Joe Biden will become interim President.
      Soetoro is not impeachable, he is an Indonesian citizen. I

    4. Liberals are such hypocrites, like Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York who said Democrats should block any Bush SCOTUS nominee during Bush’s last year and a half in office, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, thinks it is just terrible that Republicans would consider blocking an Obama appointment to the SCOTUS in his last 8 or 9 months in office.


  5. Justice Scalia’s passing is a great loss to the Republic.

    With Burr and Thillis as our representation, we can expect the Republic to be lost.

    Our Constitution and Bill of Rights will greatly be changed. Democrats, Liberals and Progressive do not believe in Liberty for All.

  6. You, and many others, do Justice Scala a disservice by politicizing the appointment of his successor. I am not an expert on jurisprudence, but I kept up with this man’s consenting and dissenting opinions and found his colorful language was used to accent his strict constitutional followings. He believed in the words on the page, not on some updated view of what was the deeper meaning the drafters would have meant if they lived today. I did not agree with all his opinions, but I respected the thought and adherence to principle that his writing held. Please join the voices that call for the President , YES the President, to put forward the name of the best jurist he can find. He should not bring forward a rabid jurist from the left or right. And too, press the Senate to give the jurist a fair and honest hearing without the bombast and clowning that usually comes with any nomination. I personally am tired of the partisan nonsense. We cannot fix the problems we have whill pushing the margins of logic with all this wrangling of strict left and right competition.

    1. One of the biggest problems our country has are arrogant SCOTUS justices who try to legislate from the bench. Anyone that Comrade Obama would nominate would be of that species, and all you have to do is look at his other judicial appointments – rabid leftwingers – to see that.

      Our Bill of Rights is graveyard dead if Obama puts another of his stinking lefties on the SCOTUS.

  7. From what I read elsewhere, and it makes sense, the key thing to watch will be whether any Obama nomination makes it out of the Judiciary Committee. While there are some wobbly GOP Senators there like Flake, Graham, Hatch, and Tillis, at least none of them or the others on the committee are up for election this year in tight races. Republicans have a two vote majority on the committee, and could hold the line even if they lost one.

    In the full Senate, a loss of four wobbly Senators voting with Obama would let Obama impose his radical but there are a lot more prospects for sellouts, some of them in tough elections this year, which ups the pressure to flip. If a nomination stays bottled up in the Judiciary Committee, it never gets there. Also, do not forget pressure on McConnell, as one never knows if he is on the level when he says he opposes something.

    The key point where the grassroots should put some heat to our Senators to stay firm to block this nomination is to the members of the Judiciary Committee, starting with its chairman, Chuck Grassley.

  8. The only reason President Obama might hold off on the appointment is if he felt appointing a new Justice would hurt Hillary in the Presidential election. Of course then Hillary would agree of to appoint whomever President Obama selected as her own nominee.

    Either way I think President Obama will get the appointment he wants.

  9. “YES the President, to put forward the name of the best jurist he can find”.
    I would totally agree with you, except we are dealing with Barack Hussein Obama. He will nominate the most far left, rabid anti Second Amendment judge he can find, and one who considers the US Constitution an “obstacle”.
    RIP Justice Scalia.
    Now there is speculation on Drudge (and elsewhere) that the circumstances surrounding his untimely death, and the fact no autopsy was ordered are “suspicious”.

    1. Michael Savage is demanding a “Warren Commission-like federal investigation” into Scalia’s death. Warren Commission… Aren’t they the ones who published 900 pages which boiled down to asking America to believe in magic in order to accept that Oswald acted alone? Yeah. They’re sure to get to the truth.

      Meanwhile, Huffington Post’s DC Bureau Chief is urging Obama to nominate… Barack Hussein Obama.

      This topic will bring out all the crazies.

  10. Greg Brannon warned that Tillis couldn’t possibly stand to protect the Constitution because he has no clue what it says. Because of his ignorance of the Constitution, he will never see the dangers of putting a liberal judge on the Supreme Court. Tillis has shown once again that he is not willing to keep the oath that he swore to keep! All federal races must be based on the Constitution, which is the contract for America! Not following the original intent of the Constitution is why we are experiencing the fall of the American Republic today. Elections have consequences and Tillis’ win as our Senator will be detrimental to NC. Richard Burr is cut from the very same cloth and has had more time to prove is inability to uphold the Constitution. We need Greg Brannon to offset Tillis and his left-wing votes. Any other outcome to this election, will just double NC’s doom!

  11. Glenn Beck said that God has taken Scalia up to heaven so that America would wake up and vote for Ted Cruz to save us and the Constitution.

    Glenn obviously knew this in advance and that is why he administered the Oath of Office to Ted Cruz to become our next President. Although I wish Ted had worn something other than bluejeans. But you cannot have everything I guess.

  12. The reason we had the Warren Commission and gazillions of “Kennedy Conspiracy” books is that no one wanted to admit that a mere nobody, and an abject loser like Lee Harvey Oswald could take out one of the greatest men in the world “by himself”.
    But that’s EXACTLY what happened!
    And, Glenn Beck has a tendency to go off the deep end, on occasion. Since Trump called him a “wacko” Beck has been off his rocker!
    The Spineless Republicans in the Senate (despite all their bluster) will eventually give Obama “anything he wants”, like they always do.
    If Obama’s next Supreme Court nominee gets confirmed (which it will), the only alternative will be a Convention Of States (to amend the Constitution), or the secession of the southern states from the Union.

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