#ncga: Speaker Moore’s cousin to primary McHenry

It seems — especially this year — that there is never a dull moment in North Carolina politics:



Jason Falls is chairman of the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners.  He’s also first cousins (once removed, according to Moore)  with NC House speaker Tim Moore.  We heard all about Moore and Falls when the county board made Moore the Cleveland County attorney last year. 


Patrick McHenry is a fellow Republican who currently represents the 10th congressional district.  He is a close, long-time friend with Moore ally — and House Rules chairman — David Lewis and political consultant Dee Stewart, among other political notables.  THIS is bound to cause some hard feelings — some tension — at leadership powwows in the Legislative mchenryBuilding.

Remember — House primaries have been pushed back to June 7. Everything else is voted for on March 15.



10 thoughts on “#ncga: Speaker Moore’s cousin to primary McHenry

  1. McHenry is a liberal special interest Republican, in the hip pocket of Boehner and now Ryan. He now has another establishment Republican going after him. That would seem to set things up for a conservative grassroots oriented Republican to get in the race.

    1. Sounds like another Holding-Ellmers contest….there are no good choices. Although 2nd district folks could get rid of both by defeating Holding in June, defeating Ellmers in November, then find a real conservative to take back the seat in 2018.

  2. Thankfully I just got bumped into 11th district with an admirable
    Congressional Representative Mark Meadows, who could be
    President one day.

    1. Yeah I lost respect for Meadows who voted for Paul Ryan who is worse than Boehner on immigration.

      1. You’re everything wrong with the Republican party, switch to unaffiliated if you haven’t already, Congressman Meadows is one of the best!

        1. If voting for Rino Ryan still allows Meadows to be “one of the best” thend that must be a pretty sad group. Primary all RINOs with 1 tea party rep and then we will see true conservatives.

        2. Ryan is an open borders ideologue, which is worse than Boehner, who was merely a Chamber of Commerce lackey on the issue. Ryan was the GOP leader who worked with Louis Guitierez of the Dems to try to push the Gang of 8 bill through the House, and they almost had the votes lined up until Cantor went down in flames in his primary. Paul Ryan is EXTREMELY bad news on immigration.

          Meadows is the second best NC Congressman, but he stubbed his toe badly in going along with Paul Ryan as Speaker.

        3. Are you aware 90 percent of all Republicans want something done about illegal immigration? Has Paul Ryan done anything on this issue? I would argue YOU are what is wrong with the party and you should switch to the socialist party; hence Trump.

  3. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, you have…..


    Please, someone else!

    1. There is a conservative badly needed in this race, with two Big Government / Special Interest Republicans fighting it out.

      Patrick McHenry has cast some major votes on illegal immigration, supporting the illegals. He needs to come home. Tim Moore’s cousin is not the answer, but a good conservative would be.

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