#ncga: IN-state tuition for illegals via the back door?



Senate Republicans have passed a bill granting “residency” to North Carolina high school graduates. It’s bipartisan, with Randolph County’s Jerry Tillman, Harnett County’s Jim Burgin and Richmond County’s Tom McInnis providing the GOP cover.


It’s now in the House.  In case you didn’t realize,  non-US citizens living here in the US cannot be blocked from attending public schools.  Under this bill, graduating from a public school in North Carolina will give them smooth sailing toward obtaining in-state tuition rates for college in  North Carolina.  


Statists are breaking their necks at the national level to cheapen the value of US citizenship.  And now they’re doing it here in North Carolina with North Carolina residency.   Remember, this is happening in a legislature with Republican majorities in BOTH chambers.


I’ll say it again — It makes NO difference which party has a majority on Jones Street.  You have two influence-peddling cartels competing for lobbyist dollars while kicking our best interests to the curb.  If we’re going to save our state, we’re going to have to fumigate.  AND start all over from scratch.  There’s just too much corruption to fix with a couple of elections.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: IN-state tuition for illegals via the back door?

  1. Someone needs to report the enrollment numbers for community colleges in Richmond, Harnett and Randolph
    Counties. I’ll bet these politicians are actually working to save the jobs and institutions not the students. Prove me
    wrong. Closing some colleges would be the right thing to do but too many Dems would be out of work and the Chamber of Commerces control the Republicans in these counties.

  2. Just another sign of Republican decay in the legislature. It’s too tragic to even watch. Might as well turn the state over to Cooper and his minions.

  3. In the last line, Brant said, “ There’s just too much corruption to fix with a couple of elections.”

    Thomas Jefferson said in a letter to James Madison – concerning Shay’s Rebellion I believe, “I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing…”


  4. The worst part of this specific bill, is that it redefines “legal resident” to mean anyone domiciled in NC. Legal resident has previously meant any US Citizen, or Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card). If the reality is, that legislators want to give benefits to illegal aliens, they have that opportunity under federal law. But, not being forthright about their actions and undermining the term “legal resident” is a Democrat thing to do. SMH!

  5. Former Rep. Jeff Barnhart, although I consider him a friend, did a few things I really didn’t like in the NC House. The one that broke the camel’s back was when he ran a bill to allow in-State tuition for illegals. That was what drove me to primary him in 2008 and 2010. The first time, I only had about $4,500 against how many thousands of dollars he had. I took 42% in the primary. The second time, I had about $5,000, again, against all that incumbent money and clout. I took 40%. That was a pretty good couple of challenges, if you think about it; and this issue was an important part of it. It is no surprise to me that Sen. Tillman is in the middle of this new effort to undermine the importance of citizenship and its connection with education. When we started a committee to study the damage Common Core was doing to education in this State and what to do about it under a bill I ran to get rid of Common Core in 2013, one of the first things Sen. Tillman said in that study committee was, “Why can’t we just change the name and leave it as it is?” Of course, he proceeded to allow his constituents to think he was really trying to get rid of it. So why not sacrifice good education policy, along with the treasure of American and North Carolina citizenship, in this case, if it suits some purpose of his or of some of his campaign contributors? I serve on the House Education Universities Committee and the House Education Community Colleges Committee. If this dastardly bill is brought up in either one of them, I will make a skunk smell sweet with the stink I will raise. It is bad enough that a court order from, I believe, the 1950’s forces us to allow into our K-12 schools people who are here illegally. That ruling needs to be overturned. But now, are we going to make it worse by treating people here illegally as if they are citizens in college admissions!!!??? Not if I can help it. When are we going to learn to stop offering stuff like this as incentives to foreign parents to break our laws through illegal entry? If they want their children to gain the advantages of being in America by bringing them here, fine. Let them do it legally or not at all.

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