Polling the NCGOP leadership races


We’ve been getting reports from delegates to the upcoming NCGOP convention about unsolicited texts and phone calls from people seeking to know who they plan  to vote for in the races for party chairman, vice chairman, and other offices.  Of course, the callers and testers are not identifying themselves.


Remember the old saying that Information Is Power.  Telling these folks ANYTHING is as dumb as giving out your ATM PIN or credit card number or computer password to an anonymous caller.  I recommend hanging up on them, or just plain lying to them.


I’ve got a pretty good idea as to who is doing this.  The NCGOP is not about promoting ideas and getting people elected who have a shared belief  in those ideas.  There’s a lot of cash out there, under party control, that certain groups really want to keep controlling the flow of.


These cash-whores have certain candidates they support.  And if they dare learn that you aren’t supporting their team, they will unleash the bully-boys (and girls) on you  until you get your mind right.



9 thoughts on “Polling the NCGOP leadership races

  1. The reports are true. Received one of these polls recently. Word on the street is that House and Senate GOP caucuses are pushing folks in their district to vote for Whatley. It’s sad that delegates will show up at the convention, not in the least concerned with changing the status quo, to vote for a guy that most of us never even heard of, thirty days ago.

    1. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Michael Whatley is not behind any of these polls. (I have received 3!) He is NOT getting any data from them either.
      I think we all deserve to know who sent them. Who paid for them? And most importantly, who is getting the results and what are they doing with that information!

  2. I don’t carry a lot of influence in some circles. But I hope enough genuine conservatives in this State know enough about my conservative credentials at least to give some consideration to my opinion as a Christian, conservative, constitutionalist Republican, in that order. If there are any who care what I think, I will tell you this. Jim Womack for Chairman and Miriam Chu for Vice-chair are the only choice for us.

  3. By the time you read this there will have been 4-5 Chairman Candidate Forums with another one a few days before the Convention. Links can be found on Jim Womacks page jim4ncgop.com and are worth watching. Please do and then join me in voting for Jim Womack who wants to fix our problems with nothing in it for him. I want his “sharp elbows” to get in the trenches, as a full time volunteer, to “Revive The Party”. He has my full support; it is time to clean our swamp as well. Patronage be damned, we need results, not promises. Let success be our guidepost.

    1. Those chair/vice chair candidates out of the Charlotte area are disasters…..they don’t have a clue and care even less about rural county concerns, they’re way too liberal for the rest of the Party, especially with this LGBTQ nonsense they keep trying to push the Party towards, and most of all, they’re there to serve the purposes of the Legislators, not us. I particularly detest the one in Mecklenberg who just got elected to serve there, and now she’s already jumping ship for a better gig, not unlike a certain former state vice chair turned state senator. It’s way past time to put less self-serving, more conservative, more rural people in charge of the Party.

  4. Caught last night’s forum at Skyland Fire & Rescue (Asheville). It was a good opportunity to contrast Womack and Whatley on several issues—Lewis unable to attend. Also heard from the three Vice-Chair candidates. Helped me make my mind up as a delegate.

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