Polling the NCGOP leadership races


We’ve been getting reports from delegates to the upcoming NCGOP convention about unsolicited texts and phone calls from people seeking to know who they plan  to vote for in the races for party chairman, vice chairman, and other offices.  Of course, the callers and testers are not identifying themselves.


Remember the old saying that Information Is Power.  Telling these folks ANYTHING is as dumb as giving out your ATM PIN or credit card number or computer password to an anonymous caller.  I recommend hanging up on them, or just plain lying to them.


I’ve got a pretty good idea as to who is doing this.  The NCGOP is not about promoting ideas and getting people elected who have a shared belief  in those ideas.  There’s a lot of cash out there, under party control, that certain groups really want to keep controlling the flow of.


These cash-whores have certain candidates they support.  And if they dare learn that you aren’t supporting their team, they will unleash the bully-boys (and girls) on you  until you get your mind right.