#ncga: House’s Brody seeks to represent North Carolina on the RNC

A Republican state representative from Union County says he wants to represent his fellow North Carolina Republicans on the Republican National Committee.article-2283234-183605D1000005DC-560_306x423  The RNC allows for two elected committee members from each state — typically one man and one woman.  North Carolina is currently represented by Ada Fisher and state Rep. David Lewis.

This decision by Rep. Mark Brody would likely mean a political clash with Lewis, a fellow Republican in the state House. Brody has racked up a conservative record while in the House — opposing the ConnectNC bond issue and amnesty-related issues like licenses for illegals.

Lewis, on the other hand, was the only Republican in the state House to vote FOR ObamaCare. He shepherded legislation through the House to allow legislators to bypass the state party on fundraising matters.   He’s been the subject of two high-profile stories recently suggesting pay-to-play.  Lewis also recently survived an impeachment attempt by several state GOP leaders.

Brody released a statement today:

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

This quote by Albert Einstein is becoming more of a reality every day. The fabric of our nation is unraveling one thread at a time and the Republican Party needs to take a clear stand for what is right before our nation unravels at the seam.

North Carolina’s Republican Party platform represents pure constitutional principles that form the basis of our state’s economic and social direction and its success is backed by actual results that have exceeded our expectations. As a constitutional-centered Republican, I am committed to religious liberties, free market principles, limited government, the rule of law and not man, and the elimination of destructive over-regulation.

Most importantly, I am an unashamed and unapologetic Christian and will not hesitate to publicly recognize that the blessings of this nation are from the hand of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. My fellow Republicans, these are the North Carolina values we desperately need woven into the National Republican Party before it is too late.

And that is why I am formally announcing my candidacy to run for the North Carolina National Republican Committeeman position. As Committeeman, I will take a firm stand to uphold our conservative values and will not back down from political pressures or play a puppet on a string.

My 100% conservative rating from the American Conservative Union, based on my voting record in the NC General Assembly, proves I am a consistent conservative and someone who will stand on principle and this is what you can expect at the national level if I am elected Committeeman. I humbly ask for the opportunity to represent North Carolina’s Republican Party at the national level and show my commitment to repairing our nation’s fabric back to its days of glory.

13 thoughts on “#ncga: House’s Brody seeks to represent North Carolina on the RNC

  1. It is great news that conservatives will have someone to vote for against liberal Affidavid Lewis for National Committeeman. Now we need someone against establishment hack Ada Fisher for National Committeewoman.

    The rumor has been that the Central Committee Control Clique is running Zan Bunn for National Committeewoman, and that Lewis may be running again from that clique for Committeeman, but their backup may be Claude Pope for that seat.

    BTW. one seat is specifically a National CommitteeMAN and the other specifically a National CommitteeWOMAN. I do not think Repubicans have sunk so low that someone of one sex can declare themselves of the other sex to run for the seat they want, but I suspect if they are not there already, the Democrats soon will be.

    1. Maybe. Anyone running for this position will be bellowing a bunch of conserva-talk, including David Lewis. But I can’t help remembering that it was a bunch of Union/Mecklenberg/9th district Alinskyites who were shouting down the effort to impeach Lewis. Beware.

      1. Civitas gives Brody an 85% rating, or a B, and has him 13th most conservative in the House.

        Lewis has been liberal on some very high profile issues, and has done that for years. As the race goes on, we will need to look more closely at high profile issues on Brody, such as the green energy boondoggle. One absolute necessity will be supporting a repeal of the ”affiliated committee” nonsense. We do not need to elect anybody who supports that corrupt scheme.

        Another thing to look at will be his interaction with the GOP organization, both locally and at the state level. I wonder what his attendance record is at NCGOP state executive committee meetings? Has he aligned with the grassroots or the establishment, or just sat everything out?
        National Committeeman is about his record in the party, not his record in the legislature, although we want a conservative, so his record in the House will at least tell us that part.

        If the usual suspects line up in support of him, then it will show that we need someone else.

  2. Hey nothing wrong with that Statement


    I really feel the people in these positions should not hold any other office. The national committee man and women should be just that and nothing else.

    I think part of the current problem is someone being a elected official and being elected to a party position just is asking for a conflict on interest to develop

    But I like Brody’s statement and that lays out the values I am looking for as leaders in this party

    personally I think the RNC does some of the most harm to the republican party so anyone that will make the RNC more conservative would be a great start

  3. I agree with Patrick, rumor is Michele Nix and Carolyn Justice are both interested in National Committeewoman, I’m not sure how that would even work.

    Rep. Brody, I would think he’s going to be the NCGA pick and David Lewis is not running again.

    1. Lewis had held the spot for a long time and he may be ready to move out on his own anyhow. The CC probably sees him as damaged goods by this point, and they’ll be ready to see the torch passed.

      1. I think you’re right about that, it might come down to Claude Pope and Rep. Brody. I think Claude got his fill of this bs and is ready to kick back on Bald Head Island. Its going to make the convention interesting.

        How about Brannon as Committeeman after his primary loss?

        1. There is no way in heck I would ever support the ex chairman for that position. I do wonder if he would ask for a salary for the position ?

          I would probably give Justice a chance for the national committee women she does not currently hold any other position but I would want to hear what she wanted to try to accomplish with the job

    2. Until HB 373, is fully repealed, we owe the legislators nothing but unremitting hostility and shouldn’t even think about considering their designated creature for a Party office.

  4. A mere legislator who has not been engaged in the party structure in some other capacity should simply not be in a position like National Committeeman or National Committeewoman. They need to have a genuine base of knowledge of how the party functions to do that job.

    Carolyn Justice is too tied to the General Assembly, and her support of the suckweasel Richard Morgan makes her VERY damaged goods.

  5. Well that settles it, I’ll be going another round of conventions to vote for him. He has a PROVEN history of having a backbone.

  6. It seems to me that the very first question that any legislator who wants a major party office should be asked is ”How do you plan to repeal the affiliated committee provisions of HB 373?” If they cannot or will not answer that in a convincing way, then it is time to vote for someone else.

  7. I live in Mark Brody’s district and I like him. He voted against HB 373 and he didn’t endorse Tillis when he ran for US Senate. He won my precinct in a big way and he remains very popular.

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