#ncga: GOP House candidate a repeat DEM donor

We did a little digging and found ONE of the announced candidates in the GOP primary for NC House district 81 (Davidson County) has been quite generous to some big, elected Democrats:hud

As a student at Central Davidson High School, Sharon Phillips Pearce knew she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. She did just that. Now a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Pearce has her sights set a bit higher: North Carolina’s 81st House of Representatives seat.

Pearce, a Republican, brings a strong medical background to her campaign and hopes her credentials in the medical field will speak for themselves as she advocates for more affordable health care in the state.

“Health care is a huge issue for a lot of people,” Pearce said, “but the people making those decisions aren’t in the system. We need people making decisions about heath care who know about the system itself.”

[…]But seemingly most important for Pearce’s campaign is her experience as the lead lobbyist on S.L. 2002-103, the Care for School Children with Diabetes Act, which passed in the N.C. General Assembly in 2002.

Pearce, whose daughter, Danielle, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 5, constructed the bill that “requires the State Board of Education to adopt and disseminate guidelines for the development and implementation of individual diabetes care plans.”

“North Carolina was the fourth state in the nation to pass this groundbreaking legislation,” Pearce said. “I still consult with states attempting to pass such legislation.”

Pearce identified financing as the key issue she will face during her campaign. Although she believes she can come up with the necessary funding, she has yet to decide on a permanent solution for maintaining a full-time income if elected.RINO123

“People don’t realize it always costs you to serve,” she said. “There’s a reason why we are represented by a lot of gray-haired white men. They’ve already made their living.”

The 81st District seat, which covers the western part of Davidson County, including Lexington, will be vacated by three-term Rep. Rayne Brown, who will make good on a 2008 campaign promise to hold the seat for just six years if elected. Brown, who was elected in 2010, believes strongly in a citizen’s legislature in which the seat is not held for an extended period of time by any one legislator.

Pearce joins Salisbury fire captain Tyler Forrest and Davidson County commissioner Larry Potts as the first three candidates to express interest in the seat after Brown’s July announcement she will indeed serve only three terms.


Again, Pearce is a Republican.  We checked in on the database maintained by the National Center on Money In State Politics and found some interesting things.

(Pearce HAS given money to some Republicans.)   But in 2004, Pearce donated $125 to attorney general Roy Cooper (D).   Pearce donated $450 to THE Jim Black in 2006.     In 2008, she donated $375 to gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue (D) and $100 to gubernatorial candidate Richard Moore(D). In 2012, she gave $100 to Marlowe Foster (D), candidate for state labor commissioner.   In 2014, she donated $350 to Gale Adcock (D), candidate for NC House district 41.

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  1. Undoubtedly with that liberal resume, she is the candidate of Tim Moore and his progressive clique. She would probably join newly railroaded . . .err …. appointed Rep. Gregory Murphy (BAD-Pitt) (BAD= Basically a Democrat) as an open supporter of key parts of Obamacare in the GOP caucus. We do not need any more BAD’s in the GOP House caucus, as we have too many already.

    1. GUWonder,

      1) I am opposed to Obamacare and have been on the record as opposing it for years. It is designed to ruin private practice medicine 2) I had nothing to do with the process in which I was chosen to the House. I showed up at a meeting when I was asked to be there, just like the other person being considered. The dust up was between the chair of the Pitt GOP and Dallas Woodhouse.

      I am a Christian conservative and you or anyone else are free to call, email or meet with me in person and ask my positions on any issue. My personal cell phone number is 252-702-6375 and my email is gregmurphymd@gmail.com .
      This is the way I have dealt with things in my life and the way I will as a representative. Straight forward and direct. I hope to speak with you soon.

      1. Lets start with Boy Blunder Woodhouse. Surely, you are aware that Woodhouse gave interviews to the Greenville Daily Reflector and on WTIB radio on Henry Hinton’s show AFTER the invalid meeting with improper notice, and stated that the doctor will get the appointment. That in spite of the invalid meeting. The WTIB interview was live on the air. Now, do you still want to tell us with a straight face that Woodhouse opposed your appointment? Oh, and your buddy Henry Hinton also seems to approve of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion from the way he phrased a question on the air today.

        The part of Obamacare that you told the executive committee, according to someone who was there, that you supported was the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, something that would put a heavy burden on NC and county taxpayers in a few years. From what I hear you told them the hospital you worked in needed the money. If you were a Christian conservative, your cluelessness about Common Core, again according to someone who was there, would be astounding. Now, the word in Pitt County is that since that meeting you have obviously gotten some political advice to say you are ”undecided” on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

        Our Republican legislature has voted to reject the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, but like a bad penny it seems to keep coming up around the country. Virginia’s liberal Democrat governor has been thwarted by GOP control of the House and Senate from his attempts to foist it on that state, but some GOP elected officials, like Ohio Governor John Kasich, have betrayed the party and implemented it. Maybe Kasich thought he would have moved to Pennsylvania avenue before the bill to his state taxpayers came due.

      2. Rep. Murphy, please enlighten us on your position on the renewable energy mandate, which there have been attempts to repeal in the last few sessions of the legislature?

        1. okay. time out. This thread has been hijacked BIG TIME. We need to keep the discussion on the original post. Mr. Murphy had the right to speak up. His name was invoked. But we need to stay on topic. With the level of interest evident, it may be worth us doing an interview with Mr. Murphy — where folks can post all kinds of questions.

    2. I wonder if GU will take Greg Murphy up on his offer to meet with him and talk? Refreshing to see a public official being so direct. No nonsense. We need more of it.

    3. GUWonder, you obviously haven’t done your homework on your so-called “railroaded” Rep Greg Murphy. Dr Murphy is a true conservative in every sense of the word. I have had the honor of working with Rep Murphy for over twenty years and can say without reservation that he is the MOST honest,ethical and caring individual that you will ever meet.I can assure you, as thousands of others in eastern N.C.also can, that Rep Murphy is not a democrat and has NEVER been a supporter of any parts or the whole of Obamacare. You,Mr Wonder should be so lucky as to have the intelligence,leadership skills,compassion and backbone that Greg Murphy possesses and uses on a daily basis for his patients,co-workers and community.

      1. I had intended to respect the site owners post above and not continue on this subject, but I see those on the other side do not respect his admonition and challenge me directly, so I feel compelled to respond. I hope Brant will be able to do an interview with Murphy and that Murphy will continue to respond on these boards so we can get it publicly from the horse.s mouth where he stands on a wide range of issues. His predecessor, Brian Brown was a big liberal, and he seems to have a lot of the same friends.

        First, it IS railroading when a meeting to nominate a new legislator is improperly called with nowhere near the required notice set out clearly in the NCGOP Plan of Organization for such meetings, and it is also very clear that this makes the meeting and its results invalid. It is outrageous that Woodhouse was out telling the media that the results were going to stand anyway, in contradiction of the ruling of the party’s elected General Counsel. It is also outrageous that the governor went through with this appointment based on an invalid nomination process. The short notice makes it difficult for other candidates to come forward or any candidate to be properly vetted, and is not either an ”honest” or ”ethical” process.

        Touchy, feelie things like being ”caring” or ”giving back to the community” (which was part of Murphy’s spiel to the media) are attributes one associates more with liberals We conservatives look for candidates who are going to stand up for principles of limited government. We are also looking for full spectrum conservatives not niche conservatives. We have seen leading ”Christian conservative” Skip Stam go liberal on far too many key issues, for instance, once you get beyond social issues.

        As to the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, I can only go by what Murphy himself told the executive committee.

        I like Brant;s suggestion of how to go forward with this, and hope that will be the way it is handled from here on,

  2. “There’s a reason why we are represented by a lot of gray-haired white men. They’ve already made their living.”

    Sure sounds like a typical hiding-the-gray-haired white woman that would have no problem jumping on the Dem redistribution wagon. Carly she ain’t…..

  3. To paraphrase Mark Twain:
    “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies, and lying (fake Conservative) Republicans”.
    “Can you present any evidence, Mr. Radagast?”
    “Peoples Exhibits One, Two and Three, your Honor: Burr, Tillis & Ellmers.”
    “I’ll allow it. Proceed, Mr. Radagast.”

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