#ncgop: Once again, the boy wonder is BUSTED.

sgt schultzWe’ve got the problem with the IRS filings for Carolina Rising.  We’ve got the highly erroneous attack on Charlotte reporter Nick Ochsner.  We’ve got Mr. Woodhouse pulling a Sgt. Schultz (I know nusssssssing!) about Karl Rove.  And now, we apparently have our fearless boy wonder either (a) terribly confused about the meaning of the words “large” and “diverse”, or (b) lying his ass off once again.

Get a load of this passage from The Center for Public Integrity’s writeup on the Carolina Rising kerfluffle:

[…] The fact that Carolina Rising received nearly all of its money from Crossroads directly contradicts what Dallas Woodhouse, now the head of the state Republican Party, told the Center for Public Integrity in a November 2014 interview.

 In November, Woodhouse said Carolina Rising was funded by multiple donors, and the organization had “a large, diverse donor body.”

He did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment on the Crossroads GPS grant, or questions from the Center for Public Integrity regarding the apparent contradiction with his earlier comments. […] 

I guess you can, technically, call Karl Rove LARGE.   But diverse?

It’s becoming terribly clear that you can’t believe a word that comes out of this guy’s mouth. That kind of rep worked well for Bill Clinton.  Maybe it will work out just fine for our boy wonder.

8 thoughts on “#ncgop: Once again, the boy wonder is BUSTED.

  1. Thanks to the ones on the central committee that voted for woodhouse may you have sleepless nights for all the rest of your term

    The executive committee needs to take control of the party and remove any authority it given to the central committee

  2. “The two groups were co-founded by Karl Rove, a political strategist and former advisor to then-President George W. Bush.”
    AKA: Karl Rove: The Jeb Bush, RINO Establishment hack. Your last two candidates (in 2008 & 2012) LOST the presidential election, KARL!
    Sorry Karl, looks like your dreaded “outsiders” (Trump & Carson) are still leading in the polls, despite your attempts to destroy them. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are also surging (sorry Karl).
    And after Hussein Obama’s pathetic “Shame on America, I will continue my limp dick response to ISIS, we should let in 100,000 Muslim Syrian refugees” press conference in Turkey, Trump’s poll numbers are surging (sorry Karl).
    So yes, be suspicious about anything Karl Rove has his hands in! As the story goes, everything King Midas touched turned to gold. Everything Karl Rove touches turns to XXXX (cow poop).

  3. ”Dallas Woodhouse, now the head of the North Carolina Republican Party”

    One does not know whether this writer that is being quoted by Brant is ignorant or insightful. Technically, Woodhouse is just the hired help, not the head of the party, so in a technical sense, they are simply wrong about Woodhouse being head of the party. But, in a practical sense, after the Central Committee’s palace coup against the real party leadership, Woodhouse has been created the pretender who is the real power behind the throne. The party’s duly elected leaders have been rendered figureheads and the real power placed in the hands of this imposter.

    We are seeing pushback against this unsavory situation from the vice chairman, but the chairman seems to be in a daze, not knowing what to do. We at the grassroots want to see more strength from the chairman to resist this corrupt takeover which is a kick in the teeth to the convention delegates who thought we were electing change and getting rid of the rotten backroom elitists who had hijacked our party for a number of years. Now that very same cabal is manipulating the party through the Central Committee instead of the chairman.;

      1. Looks like the EC is meeting again in December because they couldn’t get the budget approved, fun fun…

        1. That’ll happen when someone makes a motion to adjourn at a set time, and there’s not enough time to get to everything on the agenda, including the Call for Impeachment of the National Committeeman, naturally.

          1. to clarify the issue is they booked the meeting in a room that was not available for a long enough time slot just like the meeting after convention when we were kicked out of the room.

            also meetings should not happen before other scheduled events this adds to the time crunch that ends up bad planning

  4. Brant, thanks for your work digging into all of the records on this. The word in the party has been for a long time that the money behind Carolina Rising was Art Pope’s money. You have now conclusively shown that it was in fact Karl Rove’s money, not Art’s. Given all that Art has done for the conservative movement, I am glad it is Karl Rove and not Art who will be sweating IRS bills for back taxes, penalties, and interest if the tax status of Carolina Rising is revoked as may well happen.

    Considering that America Rising is a GOP establishment group, that should have been a sign all along that Carolina Rising was not affiliated with an NC conservative. There is also, of course, Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC.

    Wasn’t Carolina Rising also involved in the attack polls against GOP NC Senate leaders? Is Rove now getting into state legislative politicss?

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