#ncpol: Woodhouse LIED about ties to Karl Rove

CHARLOTTE, NC - NOVEMBER 4: Dallas Woodhouse attends U.S. Rep. Thom Tillis's watch party at The Omni Hotel Ballroom on November 4, 2014, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Rep. Thom Tillis (R-NC) is running in a tight race for the North Carolina Senate seat against opponent U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC). (Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images)

Boy, the decision to hire that reality TV star to run the state GOP operations is sure working out well, huh?  There was that infamous election night interview.  He’s also the focus of a formal complaint about his work with his previous employer.  And also the instigator of that ill-advised, erroneous attack on that Charlotte TV reporter.

Now, we are learning that Dallas’s last employer was merely a vehicle for The Prince of Darkness himself: 

Crossroads GPS, the powerful nonprofit corporation founded by Republican strategists Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, bankrolled most of the money that Carolina Rising spent on TV ads that helped Thom Tillis defeat Kay Hagan for U.S. Senate last year, according to the campaign finance watchdogs.

Open Secrets, which is part of the Center for Responsive Politics, and two other watchdog groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the Center for Public Integrity, previously reported that records showed Carolina Rising received nearly all of its funding from a single donor. Newly available tax records show the donor was Crossroads GPS.

Carolina Rising was formed as a tax-exempt social welfare organization by political operative Dallas Woodhouse, who is now the executive director of the N.C. Republican Party. It spent 97 percent of its money — nearly $5 million — on TV ads that benefitted Tillis, CREW had reported.

Open Secrets reported Tuesday that the latest records show Crossroads GPS provided 98.7 percent of Carolina Rising’s funds. More than half of Crossroads GPS’ money came from three donors that gave at least $10 million each. One of the anonymous donors contributed $20 million.

Crossroads GPS focused on six Senate races last year, and reported spending almost $26 million on political efforts, Open Secrets reports. Non-profit organizations don’t have to disclose their donors, and are increasingly part of a network of “dark money” that is not directly attributable.rove

These social welfare groups are prohibited from spending more than half of their money on political activity. CREWS has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service challenging the legality of Carolina Rising because of the amount of money it spent for Tillis.

Woodhouse dismisses the complaint as groundless, and says the TV ads were issue ads and not political ads. The IRS and Federal Election Commission have conflicting views of when an ad is political or not, leaving candidates without clear direction.

The problem with THAT?  In this video, Dallas admits he spent “a whole lot of money” getting Thom Tillis elected. 

We had a feeling this was the case.  Let’s go back to our site in October 2014:

We must have struck a nerve at Carolina RIsing HQ with our earlier post regarding Crossroads Media.  Dallas Woodhouse, the boss at Carolina Rising, sent us this note:

As a Conservative I thank you for your work.

However you post about or organization is simply wrong, and I would ask you note the mistake and take down the post.

Crossroads Media is not founded, related or in anyway to Karl Rove and any of his companies. I have never spoke to him or sent any of his organizations money, other than I personally bought his book. One Copy.

I just wanted to correct the record. Crossroads media is not [sic] a releated to the Rove groups, it is just a coincidence. […] 

(*Sniff. Sniff.*  I think I smell someone’s PANTS ON FIRE. )

The truth can be quite a female dog, huh? 

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Woodhouse LIED about ties to Karl Rove

  1. Don’t forget Woodhouse helping get an Obamacare liberal appointed to a vacant GOP House seat in Pitt County, by publicly going against the rulings of the Party’s elected General Counsel and Assistant General Counse that the meeting was invalidl. He ought to be fired for that.

    The fact that Woodhouse is a Karl Rove flunky is not surprising. No conservative should give a dime to the NCGOP while he lurks at party HQ. What is really appalling is that we seem to have so many of our Central Committee members who are obviously in the pocket of Karl Rove.

    1. GUWonder, You’ve got your facts mixed up. Dallas Woodhouse opposed the meeting in which I was appointed. He wanted it delayed. I had no involvement in the process except for showing up for the meeting like the other interested candidate. I am opposed to Obamacare and I am a Christian conservative. My personal cell phone number is 252-702-6375 and my email is gregmurphymd@gmail.com . Before you post misinformation about me, please call, email or we can meet in person. I hope to speak with you soon.

      1. Murphy responds again on this site. Still waiting for a follow up from the original poster to see if he talks to the man. Easy to throw bombs on a website. Grow a set and call the man. Also, amazing to find someone in the legislature that actually admits to reading the Haymaker, let alone responds. Good for him!

      2. Lets start with Boy Blunder Woodhouse. Surely, you are aware that Woodhouse gave interviews to the Greenville Daily Reflector and on WTIB radio on Henry Hinton’s show AFTER the invalid meeting with improper notice, and stated that the doctor will get the appointment. That in spite of the invalid meeting. The WTIB interview was live on the air. Now, do you still want to tell us with a straight face that Woodhouse opposed your appointment? Oh, and your buddy Henry Hinton also seems to approve of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion from the way he phrased a question on the air today.

        The part of Obamacare that you told the executive committee, according to someone who was there, that you supported was the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, something that would put a heavy burden on NC and county taxpayers in a few years. From what I hear you told them the hospital you worked in needed the money. If you were a Christian conservative, your clueless about Common Core, again according to someone who was there, would be astounding. Now, the word in Pitt County is that since that meeting you have obviously gotten some political advice to say you are ”undecided” on the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.

        Our Republican legislature has voted to reject the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, but like a bad penny it seems to keep coming up around the country. Virginia’s liberal Democrat governor has been thwarted by GOP control of the House and Senate from his attempts to foist it on that state, but some GOP elected officials, like Ohio Governor John Kasich, have betrayed the party and implemented it. Maybe Kasich thought he would have moved to Pennsylvania avenue before the bill to his state taxpayers came due.

  2. “What is really appalling is that we seem to have so many of our Central Committee members who are obviously in the pocket of Karl Rove.”
    And you know what scares Karl Rove, and his RINO Establishment hacks (including Jeb Bush) to death?
    Donald Trump! Why? Because Trump has his own money, and doesn’t need Rove and the Republican Super PACS’ money.
    The evidence? Donald Trump has surged to 42%, and Jeb Bush is slowly dropping off the radar screen. Good riddance, to Rove & Bush!

    1. It’s too bad so many conservatives are falling for Trump without asking hard questions about his past positions and statements, most of which are pretty anti-conservative. Better to go with Cruz who was conservative, is conservative, and therefore is most likely to STAY conservative.

  3. So…… has Rove been calling the shots at NCGOP? A question that needs to be answered. Writing is on the wall.

  4. Karl Rove’s front man being given the real power in the NCGOP? How low have we sunk? Why is our chairman not pushing back against the palace coup by the Central Committee that put Woodhouse in that position? Is an IRS indictment for his funny business at Rove front Carolina Rising the only way we will get rid of this scoundrel?

  5. Fair enough, Toxhandler. What the Main Stream Media is (conveniently) not reporting is the HUGE crowds Trump is drawing (while cutting and pasting the pitiful few who are showing up for “MISSUS” Clinton, to make the crowd look bigger).
    Nobody (including Trump) ever said he was a “conservative”. However, (unlike the current Muslim-loving BOZO in the White House), Trump loves America, he’s a Capitalist, and he knows how to get things done.
    One thing for sure, Trump will never bow to a foreign leader, nor will he ever apologize for America (like Hussein Obama loves to do).
    On the other hand, I like Ted Cruz as well (because he scares The Hildabeast and the Dems – and some RINO Republicans) to death!
    What would you think about a Trump-Cruz ticket?

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