NC treasurer labels Aberdeen’s finances as “high risk”



State treasurer Dale Folwell’s team maintains a UAL (unit assistance list) of counties and municipalities across the state evaluating each location’s financial standing.  The most recent information is from audits performed and submitted prior to December 1, 2020.

A number of locales in our home region made this list.  Aberdeen, in Moore County, was found to be “high risk” in the areas of “internal controls issues” and “financial issues water / sewer fund.”

The City of Lumberton in Robeson County was found to be “high risk” regarding the “general fund” and “water / sewer fund.”

Richmond County’s Ellerbe was found to be at “high risk” regarding “internal control issues.” Also in Richmond County, Dobbins Heights was found to be at “high risk” regarding “financial issues” in the “general fund.”  Richmond County’s Hamlet was found to be at “high risk” regarding financial issues with “the general fund.”

The entire list of audited locales can be found here.   Treasurer Folwell recently warned that a growing number of local governments were facing financial troubles.