Ed Dennison + Critical Race Theory: ALL over the map


Alleged Republican Ed Dennison,  an incumbent on the Moore County Board of Education, is really mastering this politics stuff.  During the current debate over the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in the county’s classrooms,  ol’ Ed has said a lot without really saying ANYTHING.  He’s against CRT, but votes against proposals to restrict or outright ban its teaching.  He claims it is “micromanaging” for the board to inspect prospective curriculum items,  but then tells some people it’s important for the board to do it. While telling whatever audience he’s in front of exactly what they want to hear,  Ed Dennison is actually keeping alive the specter of Neo-Marxist, race-baiting propaganda that is assured to keep our public schools continuing on their current course down the toilet drain.

Here’s a pretty good explanation on just what critical race theory is.

A concerned taxpayer shared with us their recent email conversation with Dennison:

[…] Thanks, Ed.  I trust you mean what you say.  We’ve talked several times over the years, especially about curriculum, and you have always told me that curriculum was “not my job”; that your job was hiring, firing and budget.  The only way to keep CRT from our doors is to prohibit it, which Bob Levy’s resolution will do. Your vote will tell us all we need to know.[…] 

Here’s Dennison’s response:

[…] Please let me know when I told you curriculum was not my job. My job is now and always has been to make the decisions I thought were best for our students.[…]
Now,  let’s go to The Pilot on May 11:
[…] The vote on the proposed policy to ban Critical Race Theory failed by a 4-3 margin, with Libby Carter, Stacey Caldwell, Ed Dennison and Pam Thompson opposed to adopting it.Those board members said that there are no plans to base any Moore County Schools curriculum on Critical Race Theory, but that on principle they’re opposed to establishing board policies mandating or limiting school curriculum.[…] 
THERE.  That’s one example of Dennison going on the public record stating that curriculum is not his job.
Ol’ Ed is pretty good at dodging::

{…] Ed Dennison and Libby Carter, who also sit on the board’s policy committee, said they’re wary of Critical Race Theory as well. But they deflected debate over the theory itself with assertions that it isn’t currently taught in Moore County Schools.[…]

Right.  The question under debate is whether to ban it from ever being implemented.

But Roy Cooper and the state are preparing to shove it all down our throats.  (And the Republican-controlled General Assembly has passed a ban on CRT.  Why can’t the school board in rock-ribbed Republican Moore County?)

Apparently, ol’ Ed thinks the schools should be self-governing:

[…] Last week at the school board meeting, board members Libby Carter, Ed Dennison, Stacey Caldwell and Pam Thompson said that adopting such a policy would be an inappropriate step toward micromanaging school curriculum.[..] 

Wait.  In his email above to the concerned taxpayer,  ol’ Ed said overseeing the school curriculum  IS his job. (Boy, this guy is all over the place.)

*Sure.  Let’s leave ALL the heavy lifting to the bureaucrats and keep going with the practice of the people’s elected representatives / watchdogs  playing the part of spectator. *