Why Ban Critical Race Theory from the schools? Just listen to Libby Carter.


Moore County Board of Education member Libby Carter has apparently decided to go down with Ed Dennison on that sinking ship known as Critical Race Theory. 

The Congress is pushing through a ban on Critical Race Theory in the schools.  So is the North Carolina General Assembly.  Yet,  thanks to people like Libby and Ed, we can’t seem to get it done in Moore County.

Carter is a former teacher who has developed quite a reputation as a sycophantic apologist for superintendent Bob Grimesey and his cadre of leftist bureaucrats in the central office in Carthage.  When you listen to her talk, though,  you begin to wonder HOW she managed to get a position of authority over our kids.  You also better understand why she’s joining alleged Republican Ed Dennison in blocking efforts to ban Critical Race Theory in Moore County Schools:

[…] Carter also pointed out that there are no existing policies on how teachers should handle, or avoid, other politically sensitive topics.

“There’s a difference between indoctrinating our children and teaching our children and allowing them to explore something,” she said. “I think the bigger question might be: why is this a policy issue?

She also said that adopting such a policy would be a “slippery slope” leading to other policies against basing curriculum on Marxist or socialist economic doctrine. […] 

So, Libby Carter thinks banning the indoctrination of kids on the *glories* of Marxism or socialism is a “slippery slope”?  A bad idea?   (Why not spend the time you would have wasted on Marxism and socialism instead teaching the skulls of mush about capitalism — what has made this country great?)

It gets, um, better:

[…] Carter worried that the policy would signal to teachers that certain subjects might be off-limits in their lessons, or that they’ll be under extra scrutiny based on what and how they choose to teach.

“How would such a ban impact the teachings of how America treated the Japanese during World War II, or the Vietnam War, or how Hawaii became a state, or the colonization of the Native Americans?” she asked.[…]

Wow.  She went right for the historical period that liberals LOVE to bitch about and wag their fingers at us about.  (Lefties also mix in quite a bit of exaggeration and outright lying in those, um, “lessons.”).

It’s interesting that she didn’t mention  The American Revolution,  The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution,  the settlements at Plymouth and Jamestown, or industrialization.  American innovations in technology and medicine have helped save lives (of all colors) around the world.  For decades, our country has been leading the world in attracting new citizens.    Carter, Dennison and their friends want to trash our country.  So many other people have seen our country as a beacon of freedom and hope.

Nobody is talking about censoring history.  People just want kids to hear the full truth, be encouraged to read and research, and participate in healthy debates and discussions.

Listening to Ms. Carter, she apparently has bought into the theory about white Americans doing little more than victimizing and brutalizing people of color from sea to shining sea. It sounds like she’s already on board with Critical Race Theory.  (She and her friend Ed both need to go in 2022.)