NC-03: Murphy returns from DC confab with Meadows, Freedom Caucus; unveils TV and radio ads highlighting his relationship with them


GOP candidate Greg Murphy  wants Third District voters to know that, in most House debates, you’ll find him alongside Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan and the rest of The House Freedom Caucus.  The Freedom Caucus is known as one of the most loyal groups to President Trump in DC, and one of the most loyal to the GOP platform and the principles of conservativism.



Murphy visited with the members of The Freedom Caucus and — according to his campaign team — (1) built and solidified some relationships  and (2) came away with some fresh new insight.


The Murphy campaign plans to release a number of TV and radio ads in coming weeks featuring commentary about Murphy from Meadows,  Jim Jordan and other Freedom Caucus leaders.



The  Murphy campaign released a statement from Congressman Meadows about the get-together in DC:


“ Dr. Greg Murphy has a passion for the people of the 3rd District.  He’s a great conservative; someone who’s willing to fight and not just go along to get along.  I appreciate Greg’s willingness to align himself with the Freedom Caucus.” 


Murphy also released a statement about what impressed him so much about Meadows and his team in the House:


“ Mark Meadows sat in my home last year and told me the most important  rule of the Freedom Caucus is to never turn over your voting rights to anyone. That vote belongs to the people of your District. Combine this attitude with their adherence to the principles set forth in the Constitution, their support of President Trump and their commitment to transparency and it was easy to see what makes the Freedom Caucus a great fit for me.


These get-togethers in DC  were not political strategy meetings.  This was an opportunity for me to have the attentive ear of some key members of Congress.  I spent my time sharing with them the issues and concerns I hear from folks throughout  the Third District every day. 


I may not be their Congressman yet, but I am their advocate and I wanted to make sure these decision makers knew the needs of Eastern North Carolina are still real and ongoing during this transition in representation.”


Murphy faces the voters of The Third District again in  a runoff election on July 9.  The winner of that race faces Democrat Allen Thomas on September 10.