Jim Cain for Governor?

cainThat is the hottest scoop circulating through top-tier GOP circles in the state.  I heard it first-hand from a source whose title includes the word “honorable” today:

“Jim’s name comes up a lot in stuff like this.  But I have heard this latest story, in detail, from at least a half dozen connected sources across the state.  As you know, there is some conservative discomfort with Pat McCrory.  Jim is highly-regarded within conservative circles in our state.  He’s an incredible success story who could easily self-fund a competitive effort against McCrory.  Jim could cut himself a five million dollar check to start a campaign, and not even miss it.  That’s practically pocket-change for him.”

So, has anybody asked Cain directly about a gubernatorial run?  My source says he, and some others have:

“He just responds with a grin.  He won’t say yes.  He won’t say no.  If the story was way out there in left field, the guy would be denying it.”

So, who is Jim Cain?  He is a native of High Point who earned his undergrad and law degrees from Wake Forest. Cain served as president and COO of The NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes from 200-2002.  President George W, Bush tapped him as ambassador to Denmark in 2005. Cain was a key fundraiser for Bush-Cheney 2004, and was President Bush’s personal emissary to the inauguration of the president of The Phillipines in 2004. He represented North Carolina on the Republican National Committee from 2003-2005.

So what about the rumors of a primary challenge for McCrory from Lt. Gov Dan Forest?  Here’s my source’s take:

“As much as I, and many others would like to see it happen, Dan will not run against McCrory.  He won’t run for governor without Pat’s blessing.  It’s a shame, because Pat McCrory didn’t do anything for Dan in the 2012 campaign.  Dan’s a loyal guy.”

Interesting stuff.  Let’s see if this leads to anything solid.   

9 thoughts on “Jim Cain for Governor?

  1. I wish Jim Cain had run for US Senator this year. Then we could have a senator we could be proud of, instead of that dirt bag Tillis.

    I think McCrory has worn out his welcome with a lot of grassroots Republicans, and Jim Cain would stand a very good chance in a primary. I also think he would be a much stronger general election candidate than McCrory. It will certainly make things interesting.

    1. Down in my neck of the woods, I suspect there’s quite a few of us that would take a hard look at anyone who would Primary McCrory. The reason is simple, McCrory has been caught talking out both sides of his mouth more than once and he’s not even trying to hide his liberal tendencies anymore.

  2. How stupid. Here I am looking at a Pat McCrory fundraiser invitation to Bob Ingrams garage and who is listed as one of the event chairmen?
    Yes indeed its Ambassador Jim Cain. Just goes to prove that anyone who really knows anything won’t be found on internet postings.

    Needless to say the above story is pure bunk.

    1. Before you go further off the deep end with your insults, let me remind you of a relevant story from here in Moore County. Joe Boylan, fresh off of retiring Richard Morgan in 2006, was running for reelection to the NC House in 2008. A local funeral director, and well-respected community leader, named Jamie Boles signed on as a sponsor of one of Boylan’s reelection fundraisers. Shortly after the fundraiser was over, we saw an announcement that Boles was challenging Boylan in the 2008 GOP primary. Jamie just got reelected unopposed to his fourth term in the state House. So, situations like this DO happen.

      I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I first heard this news on Cain. His name is floated EVERY election year. I think he and his friends like to see his name in the news.

      But the source who fed me this — and the caliber of his past tidbits — made this too much to resist. The source for this story was also the same person who first told me that Tim Moore was on track to be the GOP caucus pick for House speaker. EVERYONE else — and I mean EVERYONE — was saying Leo Daughtry.

      This may end up like every previous occasion where Cain’s name has been floated for some office. It may just be a very public message to McCrory from some conservative heavy-hitters that the natives are getting restless. Let’s wait and see.

  3. What’s his position on Common Core, public private partnerships, toll roads, illegal immigration? How deep are his ties to the Chamber of Commerce? Bush ties make me nervous. Do you really think he or any GOP will really challenge Gov. Hunt, oops, I mean Gov. McCrory?

    Many would like to see Forest Run but it would be political suicide for anyone to take on the establishment favorite. I can just see Karl Rove running off at the mouth on Fox in defense of McCrory and shame any opponent.

    1. Jim Cain was one of the top dogs in Senator Jesse Helms’ old National Congressional Club, and you cannot get any better credentials than that.

  4. Would he be as strong a candidate as Greg Brannon? Greg was billed as the best candidate ever by some but did not fare as well in the primary.

    The hype must reach the voters.

    Maybe McCrory will be like Dumplin’ and leave the Governor’s Mansion for Harvard?

    1. Cain would have the money to get his message to the voters, and enough of it that Uncle Karl could not buy the primary for someone else like he did with Tillis.

      Given all the miscues of this administration, I think it would be best for all if McCrory found something else to do with his time. With Hawke gone, I just don’t see McCrory running a winning campaign.

  5. I’ve no use for McCrory, so I’m totally happy taking a look at whoever wants to take a run at it 🙂

    It’d be cool if someone credible and more worthwhile would.

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