Is the Tea Party spirit dead?

gadWe’ll find out about 8 PM or so tomorrow night.  With this special election, we have a fantastic opportunity to send some unresponsive professional politicians packing. You can grumble and talk the good game all you want.  But WHAT is the point, if you’re just going to go back out there and vote the same go-along get-along turkeys back in for two more years?

It’s going to be a low turnout affair.  There are no runoffs.  So, he (or she) who gets one more body out to the polls than anyone else WINS.   Here is our list of recommendations for you:

NC SUPREME COURT:    Robert Edmunds
US House District 2:  George Holding
US House District 3: Walter Jones
US House District 4:  (Pick ’em)
US House District 5: Pattie Curran
US House District 6:  Chris Hardin
US House District 8:  Tim D’Annunzio
US House District 9: Todd Johnson
US House District 10:  Anybody NOT NAMED McHenry
US House District 12: (Pick ‘Em)
US House District 13: John Blust

Want to send a message loud and clear to DC and Raleigh?  THAT is the crew to do it with.  Now, if you haven’t done it already — GO VOTE.  (Take like-minded friends with you.)