Now, open up and eat some of this DIVERSITY!

quiet_1In 2015, Sandhills Community College hired an Associate Dean of Campus Diversity and Cultural Programs.  What’s that got to do with a school whose focus is job skills training?  Not a whole lot.    

In the era of Obama — and for decades on a lot of college campuses — diversity means “white, conservative-thinking, Christian, heterosexual males need to bow their heads, shut their mouths, and know their place.”

“Diversity” means set-asides — dorms, clubs, scholarships, special events, admissions policies — for preferred groups.  Anybody who is NOT Christian, white, heterosexual,male and / or conservative-thinking counts as a member of a preferred group.   Talents, qualifications, and skills, be damned.customlogo

Diversity is not about hearing alternative points of view.  Ask any conservative student who has attended college in the last, oh, forty years (like ME) whether your opinion gets respected by the establishment on campus. Your opinion counts as diverse if it concurs with that of the leftist mobs and the aging, ex-hippie faculty. 

Well, Appalachian State University is tooting its own horn about its latest foray into the diversity game: 

Since Chancellor Sheri Everts took office at Appalachian State University in summer 2014, she has said it is a top priority that the campus work to increase its diversity among students and staff.

In 2015, the school’s freshman class was the most diverse in its history, with 15.2 percent from traditionally underrepresented racial and ethnic groups — a 3 percent increase from the previous year.

At the end of the spring semester, Everts sent a campuswide email addressing students and faculty on the status of her diversity priorities, as announced at the beginning of the academic year.

According to the email, the campus has since developed a bias incident reporting protocol, a mentoring program for minority students and a more holistic admissionbelushi_in_animal_houses review process. It is also providing admissions materials and campus tours in Spanish.[…] 

A bias incident protocol ????   (Mr. Orwell, call your office.)  

A more “holistic admissions review  process”?  (TRANSLATION:  Silly standards like grades and SAT scores will be watered down or totally ignored so as to meet the racial and gender quotas the leftist faculty and administrators have in their pointy heads.)

And campus tours in Spanish?  Wow. You DON’T even need to speak English to matriculate at App State!

Oh, and it gets, um, *better*:

The email also announced the addition of a new administrator — Willie Fleming, who will serve as the university’s chief diversity officer.

Fleming joins the university after working as a psychology professor at Gardner Webb University. He is an ASU alumnus and the university’s former director of multicultural affairs. He will work closely with the Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance, Student Affairs and Multicultural Student Development, as well as the Counseling Center.

Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance? Wow. That sounds like it could have been a division of the old KGB or East German Stasi. 

Fleming’s role began on May 16 and he has just begun to assess campus needs, but he said he is encouraged by the chancellor’s priorities.

“I think we’ve had wonderful chancellors here, but as an alumnus, I never heard or saw the commitment to diversity as I have with this chancellor,” Fleming said.

Fleming said that while Appalachian has a long way to go, he has seen great strides since he was a student.Baby-Says-Shut-Up-Picture

He graduated in 1980, and received his master’s from ASU in 1984 and was a founding member of organizations such as the Appalachian Gospel Choir, Black Student Association, and the Black Faculty and Staff Association.

He also helped bring back Black Greek Life to Appalachian and was a charter member of the Pi Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

Gee.  A background in establishing a bunch of activities and organizations for black people only. *Straight out of MLK’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech, eh?*

“There were a lot of folks in administration who were very genuine and very kind, so the struggle was with very limited resources; we had to create a community within a community,” he said.

Fleming said racism is still a large problem on college campuses, but it has taken a different, less overt form.

“We as a community should be aware about microaggressions,” he said. “I think modern-day racism is much worse than old racism. I think modern-day racism is lethal.”

To help combat this problem, Fleming said he hopes to implement mandatory diversity training for all faculty, staff and students upon entering the university.

“(We need to) have those tough conversations on social justice issues, hold people accountable and continue to engage students,” Fleming said.

Fleming said his other goals include recruiting diverse faculty and staff who will model inclusion for students, denouncing and dismantling racism and creating a “zero tolerance policy” for bias incidents.

In the past couple of years, ASU students have held multiple protests on social justice issues. The deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and others sparked Black Lives Matter protests on campus, and more recently, students occupied the administration building for several days in protest of HB2.

Fleming said he applauds student activists, and hopes they will continue to share their voices.


Mandatory diversity training ??? *CRRRRRRACK!!!*  (That sounds, um, *pleasant.*)  Oh, and, of course, there is such a *scarcity* of discussion about “social justice” and other leftist crap on campuses. 

Lethal? He’s right.  We’ve gone from white policemen turning hoses and dogs on black civil rights marchers to black and Mexican hooligans waving Mexican flags and assaulting download (6)people attending Donald Trump events. Turnabout. (And let’s not forget ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot.’  And, of course, ‘The Knock-Out Game.’ )

Why bother addressing ills stemming from the 50-year old welfare state when it’s soooooooooooo much more fun to demagogue and guilt-trip whitey over stuff from centuries ago?

Take note parents.  THIS is the kind of crap your hard-earned money is going toward.  Legislators? Remember stuff like this the next time these edu-crats come crying to you about how they don’t have enough money to fund things for the kids.  They seem to have plenty of cash handy for the Mao / Kim Jong Un -style reeducation and crackdown regimens on our campuses.

18 thoughts on “Now, open up and eat some of this DIVERSITY!

  1. Making an effort to increase diversity where it is lacking and to increase appreciation of each other’s differences has a lot to do in a “school whose focus is job skills training”. The workforce is increasing in its diversity and the requirement for employees to work more and more with a variety of others is essential. While the tools for doing so in the campus environment may be new and evolving, they are very important to the future workforce.

  2. Don’t forget that the minorities du jour for multi-culturalism are ”sexual minorities”. Guess who?

    There seems to be a lot of high paid dead wood in university administration that needs to be chopped away. The legislature needs to eliminate these useless positions. They also need to be sure that these thugs are not reimposing ”affirmative action” also known as reverse discrimination. All students need to be judged by the same set of standards if we are to have equal protection of the laws.

    In general, education administrative from K-12 through the university level should be low hanging fruit for budget cutters.

      1. Oh, you like our education dollars going to overpaid deadwood in administration instead of into actual teaching? Cutting administrative deadwood can also help cut sky high tuition.

        1. How much is going to “overpaid deadwood in administration”? And how does that compare with other states?

          1. Ok, just take one “Office of Forcing Something as not needed as ‘Diversity'” at each UNC Campus….conservative at $500,000 per year times 16 campuses and you have $8 million. This does not count all the departments dedicated to racial, feminist, LGTBQ123, and other self styled “diverse” groups. We are probably pushing $50-75 million or more per year for these useless programs.

            As far as “other states”, that is a big ol’ who cares what they are doing, we need to get down to teaching vs. indoctrinating. There is no need to race to some faux “top” of the SJW issues.

  3. The extreme Cultural Left has simply taken over all the campuses in NC. The entire UNC system is a training ground for the NC Democrat Party. What few conservative students there are have been totally abandoned by the Republicans and left to die on the battlefield. Tragic.

    1. After the 2012 Presidential Election the Republican party admitted that it needed to be more inclusive of the diversity of Americans as America becomes more diverse. Conservative’s support of the Non-Conservative Donald Trump is reversing its standing on that position so that the Republican party is narrowing its constituency. Embracing diversity can be a growth strategy for Republicans but they double down against it.

      1. That report was establishment bunk. A good example was including on the ”autopsy” committee Henry Barbour, who has been a paid lobbyist for the government of Mexico and surprise, surprise, surprise, the report supported amnesty for illegal aliens. Priebus should have been fired for the rigged establishment committee he set up. Disgusting!

    2. Harold, I am not even sure you should insult the Democrap party. This goes deeper than the party, this is the Radical Leftist movement as best presented by “progressives”. The Democraps are in the midst of being taken over by these radicals, and I would expect the party will not exist as we knew it in a decade. Heck, I doubt it will exist at all once all these micro groups begin arguing over who gets the preferences and the fractures begin showing when LBGTQAA123’s go to war with the blacks who are at war with the Latinos, who are at war with the feminists.

  4. Total crap! EVERY person should be terminated and every office of diversity at every institution in the UNC system and the community college system should be closed!!!

    AND DO IT NOW!!!

  5. To Hair-on-Fire: You are certainly right, but do you really expect the spineless NC Republican Party leadership to do anything to promote conservatism on our campuses? You might as well beat your head against the wall. The NC GOP is totally worthless as a conservative force for anything.

  6. The Diversity Industry is a self-licking ice cream cone; too lucrative a scam to ever reach its ostensible goals …

    Diversity: What would you like it to be today?

    1. So true, that is why this whole system will come crashing down at some point in the future. It will be fun to watch.

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