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#ncga: House GOP buying into “equity and diversity training” for cops?

That’s what it looks like: The House Select Committee on School Safety approved 14 recommendations to make schools safer. These recommendations made on Thursday, May 10, include more funding for school resource officers, licensing reciprocity for school psychologists, and requiring peer-to-peer counseling programs in schools….

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$17 million worth of Dee-versity!!! (Um, yay?)

We’ve got yet another nugget for you to feast on and seethe over the next time some pointy-headed edu-crat tries to tell you there just isn’t enough of other people’s cash to “educate” all of those young skulls-of-mush: Public universities in North Carolina spend nearly…

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Twenty-one pages of DIVERSITY courses?

Yep.  That’s what you’ll find in the course catalog for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences at UNC-Charlotte. Ah, yes. You can shovel all your hard-earned money over to the UNC campus in the Queen City so your young skulls of mush can prepare for…

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Yes, Duke University, “diversity training” IS a big waste of time.

I have a rule here.  This is a conservative site.  But a little debate never hurts anything.  Lefties are always welcome here.  Though I do make them comply with some simple rules: (1) no profanity, (2) no slander, and (3) sign up with an email…

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Now, open up and eat some of this DIVERSITY!

In 2015, Sandhills Community College hired an Associate Dean of Campus Diversity and Cultural Programs.  What’s that got to do with a school whose focus is job skills training?  Not a whole lot.     In the era of Obama — and for decades on a…

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Readin’, Ritin’ & (*CRACK!*) Re-educatin’

When you think of community colleges, you tend to think of things like, oh, job training and continuing education.  Somehow, on a lot of community college campuses, the lines are being blurred between what you find there and at traditional four year colleges and universities.  As…