Readin’, Ritin’ & (*CRACK!*) Re-educatin’

When you think of community colleges, you tend to think of things like, Offshore-Re-education-Camp-Lesson-6oh, job training and continuing education.  Somehow, on a lot of community college campuses, the lines are being blurred between what you find there and at traditional four year colleges and universities.  As an example, take a look at a new hire just announced at Sandhills Community College: 

Alfreda Stroman has been named Associate Dean of Campus Diversity and Cultural Programs at Sandhills Community College.

In this newly created position, Stroman will work to promote employee and student engagement in activities that enrich campus understanding of diversity and culture.
Her duties will include leading communications with campus and service communities in identifying opportunities to promote diversity and cultural awareness. She will work with college administration and subcommittees to host and promote special events to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Constitution Day, Black History Month, Native American History Month and the like.

Ensuring minority representation on hiring committees and securing funding for special projects to make certain there is funding for campus-wide engagement in diversity and cultural programs will be some of Stroman’s other responsibilities.

I WANT to think this is the result of a shakedown by The Round Rev or some educrat in Raleigh or DC.  But, wait.  It gets,um, *better*:

[…] She will report to Ron Layne, the vice president of College Initiatives.

4024486593_365559258f_b“When Alfreda became the senior minority SCC faculty member after Bobby Allen retired, she became the obvious candidate for this newly created role,” Layne said. “Alfreda brings to her new position the first-hand experience of one who watched the Civil Rights Movement unfold. She has since committed her life to fostering the vision of the icons of human fairness and equality — from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Shirley Chisholm to Bella Abzug and Cesar Chavez.[…]

(*Ooof.*) Wait, there’s more:

[…] “I recognize the importance of building a climate of inclusiveness among any and all cultural and social factions that comprise the student body, the faculty, the staff, and the administration,” says Stroman.

Stroman’s goals for the upcoming year at the college include: a Veteran’s Dracecarday speaker; a Martin Luther King Day speaker; Black History Month speakers and functions; Women History Month recognition; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Training for the Diversity Committee and campus awareness; Gender, Gender Identity or Gender Expression; Race issues; and Disability/Veterans issues.
She will also spearhead a student diversity training initiative in the spring and LGBTQ facilitator training.

A Diversity Committee ?????   (Paging Mr. Orwell.  Mr. George Orwell … ) 

10 thoughts on “Readin’, Ritin’ & (*CRACK!*) Re-educatin’

  1. We got us a Rainbow mafia emerging; highly paid dilettantes on the fringes of education. SCC is getting far too much funding apparently. Who will bell that cat and look into the black box of SCC budgeting, decision making, prioritization and resource allocation.
    Would love to hear Dr. Dempsey dilate on this politically correct expenditure (Rainbow extortion?) of Moore County tax-payer funds.

  2. It is merely about growing the numbers.

    The more students who attend community college the larger the empire. More administrators, more brother-in-laws on the payroll.

    Think of it as bait to catch the tax dollars swimming in the river of life. Just one step along the path. The community college wants to become a junior college, a junior college wants to become a university and win the national championship by cheating.

  3. Again, 2% of the population controlling the agenda. Students will know the difference in “Gender Identity” vs “Gender Expression” at the expense of tax payers. I wouldn’t call this higher learning. Forced indoctrination.

  4. Actually, I don’t blame this debacle on the 2%. I blame it on McCrory. The State Community College Board is majority Republican and filled with McCrory appointees. These McCrory Republicans are allowing this to happen. This is typical McCrory RINO Republicanism. McCrory wants to destroy the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy, but pushes the liberal agenda in the community colleges through his Republican appointees. Conservatives need to understand the NC GOP is not their friend. Liberal insiders control McCrory and everything he does.

    1. At the State level, I don’t disagree with you, but conservatives should continue to take over their local Parties, and then demand accountability at the higher levels. The truth is that the NCGOP these days, looks a lot like a fallen Chinese dynasty, where chaos reigns within the Capitol, until a new dynasty arises and re-imposes centralized control, and feudalism reigns. The local warlords (outlying County Parties) are running a hundred little NCGOPs at the local level.

      1. Toxhandler: Well said. And, you might add, ‘little GOPs’ run without a central set of principles. The professional Republican political class loves and promotes this chaos, as it permits the Karl Roves et al to operate with impunity. I’m still interested to hear from Dr. Dempsey on this expensive Rainbow mafia jobs program he’s overseeing here in the Sandhills.

  5. Well considered and written comments!
    I would add that the warlords and their troops should not give up their turf!
    Especially not at this point. The grassroots has been inspired by their strength.
    That will only encourage other concerned Citizens to join and help retake this Country from the mush-heads we have allowed to permeate our Educational Institutions and governments.
    It only remains to follow thru & stay our course. Kick incumbents out and take the party to a new level of ‘inclusiveness’ – the Us in the U.S, many of us were around and on the ground when Reagan was elected.
    It feels & smells like we are on the cusp of this happening again. Staying the course and keeping the troops on course and encouraged is the only way this will get pulled off.
    To that latter end, we need some communication about the progress of the Chair and Vice-Chair in Raleigh!! Either we elected good Patriots with cajones or we did not. We need to know.

  6. It appears that both our new GOP Chairman and Vice-Chairwoman have been decapitated by McCrory. They don’t speak out on anything. They might as well not exist. You want proof? Let’s see what they say about this disaster at Sandhills Community College. I’m betting they won’t utter a word against McCrory and his RINO appointees.

  7. As the old Crosby, Stills & Nash song went: “teach your children well”; because when they get to college, they will be indoctrinated on the Marxist, LGBT, Rainbow Agenda , Women’s Studies, “It’s all America’s fault” drivel.
    Of course, if those in charge at the state level say otherwise, they will be labeled as racist, bigot, homophobe, right wing zealots (et al), by all the usual suspects.

  8. Well, I was correct. No statement forthcoming from the NC Republican Party. I guess McCrory put the plug in the new Chairman and Vice Chairwoman. They are such obedient little puppets.

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