Twenty-one pages of DIVERSITY courses?

Yep.  That’s what you’ll find in the course catalog for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences at UNC-Charlotte.

Ah, yes. You can shovel all your hard-earned money over to the UNC campus in the Queen City so your young skulls of mush can prepare for the job market and adulthood with gems like “Introduction to Hip-Hop,” “West African Dance,”  “Gender and Communication,” and its sequel “Gender, Culture and Communication.”

*Racist* departments like ROTC and Biology don’t appear to have any “diversity” courses.  But I’m sure the mob will fix that soooooooon. 

Back to diversity.  UNC-C actually has a course on how to handle yourself when being interrogated by the police.  That ought to come in handy for anyone planning to hang around Charlotte after, um, graduation.  

English 4050 at UNC-C focuses on “feminist perspectives within trans studies and genderqueer activism.”  (That’s what it says in the catalog: “genderqueer.”)

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is another section of English 4050 entitled — no joke — “Shakespeare and ecofeminism.”

If you’re looking for something happier, there’s a course called “Comparative Genocide.”

Better yet, sit in on “Queer Culture in America.”  And one of the more thought provoking course titles: “Female Ghosts in Theatre, Film, and the Brain.”

There you go folks.  Your tax dollars at work.  YOUR kids getting, um, re-trained for a brave new world.


6 thoughts on “Twenty-one pages of DIVERSITY courses?

  1. UNC-Charlotte has become nothing but a cultural marxist indoctrination center. Those of us who live in Charlotte have seen this coming for years–and it has become much worse under so-called “Republican” control. What few conservative Republicans who still live in Charlotte are dumbfounded at how the GOP legislature and GOP Board of Governors have allowed this to happen. Why even have a Republican Party? Don’t ask for our votes in the next election.

  2. I, too, am highly triggered by the idea that something called “West African Dance” might exist. Sounds like a terrorist activity to me.

  3. You missed a few of the courses on US and white European topics…

    ENGL 3050 Southern Culture in Literature and Film
    ENGL 4050 Topics in English: Trauma, Memory and Migration in
    Contemporary American Literature
    GEOG 1101 World Regional Geography
    GEOG 2140 Geography of North Carolina
    GEOG 3605 Geography of Europe- (Taught through Global, International and Area Studies)
    INTL 2301 Introduction to European Studies
    INTL 3135 Origins of Globalization
    INTL 3151 International Political Economy
    INTL 3162 Europe in the World
    HIST 2125 Democracy in America: A Historical Perspective
    HIST 2135 Introduction to Museums and Historic Sites
    HIST 3148 The Holocaust
    HIST 3201 Colonial America
    HIST 3203 The Antebellum U.S., 1800-1860
    HIST 3211 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1860-1877
    HIST 3212 History of the South to 1865
    HIST 3213 History of the South since 1865
    HIST 3215 Southerners
    HIST 3241 United States Social History to 1860
    HIST 3242 United States Social History since 1860
    HIST 3288 History of the American West
    SPAN 1201 – Elementary Spanish I (hybrid)
    FREN 3201 French Grammar and Conversation.
    RELS 2101 Introduction to Western Religions
    RELS 2120 Christianity
    WGST 2050 European Women’s History

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