Twenty-one pages of DIVERSITY courses?

Yep.  That’s what you’ll find in the course catalog for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences at UNC-Charlotte.

Ah, yes. You can shovel all your hard-earned money over to the UNC campus in the Queen City so your young skulls of mush can prepare for the job market and adulthood with gems like “Introduction to Hip-Hop,” “West African Dance,”  “Gender and Communication,” and its sequel “Gender, Culture and Communication.”

*Racist* departments like ROTC and Biology don’t appear to have any “diversity” courses.  But I’m sure the mob will fix that soooooooon. 

Back to diversity.  UNC-C actually has a course on how to handle yourself when being interrogated by the police.  That ought to come in handy for anyone planning to hang around Charlotte after, um, graduation.  

English 4050 at UNC-C focuses on “feminist perspectives within trans studies and genderqueer activism.”  (That’s what it says in the catalog: “genderqueer.”)

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is another section of English 4050 entitled — no joke — “Shakespeare and ecofeminism.”

If you’re looking for something happier, there’s a course called “Comparative Genocide.”

Better yet, sit in on “Queer Culture in America.”  And one of the more thought provoking course titles: “Female Ghosts in Theatre, Film, and the Brain.”

There you go folks.  Your tax dollars at work.  YOUR kids getting, um, re-trained for a brave new world.