Raleigh throwing fracking under the bus?

It’s looking like quite a bipartisan effort.

The North Carolina Oil & Gas Commission is set to finally hold its FIRST meeting ever in Sanford on Wednesday, September 20th.   Partially, I’m told, the meeting will deal with ordinances passed by Lee and Chatham county leaders in opposition to fracking in their jurisdictions. 

I spoke with a few sources in the know about this subject.  They tell me state government authorities — for the last two years — have been less than helpful in assisting the commission, which was established by the legislature to oversee fracking. I am told the commission has struggled in getting help from state authorities for things as simple as meeting space and meeting announcements. 

I am told the Department of Environmental Quality has eliminated the staff initially set aside to support the commission’s work. I am also told the DEQ Secretary is ignoring inquiries from commission figures and local residents about the commission and its future

I am also told that Attorney General Josh Stein and his team are not being very helpful to the commission either.   (Is that anti-Semitic, Rob?)

Figures like Bob Rucho, Buck Newton, Mike Hager, and Andrew Brock were all key players on Jones Street in getting the ball rolling on fracking and its regulatory infrastructure.  But they are all gone now.

Who will stand up and support this commission and its work — which is all based on the law of the land passed by the General Assembly?

So many folks in the majority on Jones Street sing the praises of solar and wind power.  But they’re all being mighty quiet on fracking.  Perhaps the fracking lobbyists don’t pay as well as the solar and wind power lobbyists do.