Yesiree. Living rent-free.

I HATE giving publicity to the WRAL-Goodmon-hammer-and-sickle empire.  But Goodmon errand boy Rob Schofield HAD to throw my name into an exaggerated, hysterical, factually-impaired rant against The Carolina Plotthound and some other conservative blogs.

For those who don’t know, The Plotthound is a Drudge Report-knock-off news aggregator owned by the folks at Civitas and John Locke.  I liked it when Paul Chesser ran the show.  Well, Paul left. And Pope consigliere John Hood decided to group me and this site with Satan in the category of Those-whose-names-shall-not-be-spoken. 

So, since then, we’ve been two ships passing in the night.

Rob gets the nature of my problem with The Plotthound totally wrong:

[…] Still more (somewhat ironic) confirmation comes from a May, 2016 story that appeared on The Daily Haymaker — another ultra-right-wing site run by a fellow named Brant Clifton that frequently attacks the Plott Hound for what Clifton feels are its insufficiently conservative positions.[…] 

Not even close.  Plotthound doesn’t really take positions.  Hood and the Pope empire have disappointed me by, on several occasions, forsaking conservatism for the alleged manna associated with”Republican” control.

Apparently, Rob thinks I am obligated to “disavow” The Plotthound (or maybe even The Triad Conservative. I don’t know). Rob attacks the guy at Triad Conservative for being “anti-semitic” because he dared to mention the name “Josh Stein” and the word “Jewish” in the same sentence.

Ethnicity and group membership are so important to lefties. Try to bring it up as a conservative, and YOU, SIR (or MA’AM) are a bigot.

As, part of his prosecution of The Triad Conservative, Rob hauls out the Southern Poverty Law Center(SPLC) as his prime witness.   The SPLC will label you a “hater” or a “hate group” if you dare to do something like, say, speak out against gay marriage or trannies in the ladies room.

You may remember the shooting rampage at the offices of The Family Research Council in 2012.  The FRC is a mainstream religious conservative lobbying group.  The SPLC labeled them a “hate group,” and a leftist kook decided to run with that and shoot the place up.  A security guard was killed as a result of the rampage.

The SPLC has no credibility.  Rob – and all other liberals – should hang their heads in shame for even citing them.  THEY have blood on their hands.

Rob speaks for Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, parts of Charlotte, Raleigh and Asheville.  (You know — all those places where those late night votes for Roy Cooper appeared in November.) The site he and Chris Fitzsimon run — funded to the hilt by the owners of WRAL — is loaded with slimy attacks against people who simply want to work hard to support their families and raise their children right without having the Marxist and radical homosexual agendas crammed down their throats.

If you want to play Rob’s game, you could start up an effort to have WRAL disavow and divest from Rob and Chris’s lefty mudpie fight.  Though, I say keep ignoring WRAL and Rob and Chris, and let the market finish them off.  




6 thoughts on “Yesiree. Living rent-free.

  1. Let’s not discuss Blinky and his little Toadie Schofield and their owner “Crazy Old Jim” Goodmon (The Triangle #1 Limo Liberal) without reminding Haymaker’s vast audience from Murphy To Manteo & Beyond about Ol’ Jimbo’s other property – Reverend William “Bully” Barber.

    “Bully” would be nothing but a Goldsboro “street preacher” without Goodmon’s $$$$ funneled thru Jim & Barbara’s notorious AJ Fletcher Foundation.

    One might speculate with Charlotte’s soon-to-be-Ex-Mayor Jennifer “Ain’t Too Smart” Roberts now jobless… might Ol’ Jimbo hire her for his dirty work ??

    1. He could use her as a horse. Or maybe a poster as a tranny, she is a he right? She at least looks the part of either.

    2. A. J. Fletcher was a rock ribbed conservative. He must be spinning in his grave over the things his namesake foundation is being used for.

      As to Bully Barber, he is not a wholly owned property of Crazy Jim. George Soros owns a piece of him, too.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center? It is an anti-Christian hate group that is somewhere to the left of Stalin and Mao. It is laughable that they try to label anyone else a ”hate group”

  2. I really hate that you linked over to Scowly. I have not missed his random generator of outrage adjectives. In just the first two paragraphs you get a couple of his good ol’ standbys to describe any situation outside his twisted world view. If I had a penny for every time he uses “deeply troubling” and “disturbing” never mind “shocking” I would be rich. Now if I had a penny for every one of his readers…I would at least have a penny as I went through and skimmed the article.

  3. Also, isn’t the Triad Conservative guy Jewish? I would think he could say more who is anti-Semitic with more knowledge than Scowly and Blinky.

    I for one stopped going over there when they continually deleted my comments. I guess they hated having to hire interns (or Scowly got tired of getting schooled) to post as “readers” as they all had the same writing style under different names. It was so easy to school them using logic…I kind of miss trolling them.

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