INCOMING !!!! : ‘Lt. Dan’ opens fire on Common Core

danforestNow THIS is what I’m talking about.  The Dan Forest we grew to love on the campaign trail appears to be BACK.  ln a recently released YouTube video, North Carolina’s rookie lieutenant governor is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the controversial common core curriculum slated for public schools in North Carolina and other U.S. States.

In the video, Forest says he has “serious concerns” about the state’s “rush to implement” a “national one-size-fits-all standard” for public education.

Here are some of the concerns the lieutenant governor — who serves on the state Board of Education — outlines in the video:

  1. Expense:  Forest says its not real clear how much the new curriculum’s implementation is going to cost taxpayers.  He points out that California has set aside ONE BILLION DOLLARS above and beyond its regular education budget for common core implementation. 
  2. No field testing, few details: Forest says there are few, if any, guidelines for testing students on many of the main curriculum subjects.  He also notes that common core “has not been field-tested” and that “no true countywide pilot program” has been established.  Forest says:

     “It’s a lot like the FDA rolling out a new drug without doing any testing, and saying ‘Trust us, it’ll be fine.’ ”

  3. Data Collection & Privacy: The lieutenant governor expresses concern about the “significant amount of student data” that, he says, common core requires to be collected. He points out that the curriculum allows for this student data to be shared with unnamed “outside entities.”

Opposition to the implementation of common core AND ObamaCare puts you in league of a clear majority of Americans at the grassroots level.  Following Forest’s lead on this issue – raising credible arguments and encouraging public opposition against this big-government nightmare –  can put our state and nation back on the path toward decimating The Left and turning things around.