NC sits on sidelines while OTHER FOLKS in OTHER STATES take ObamaCare to court

obamacare3The Competitive Enterprise Institute — an excellent organization based in DC that fights the good fight for the free market — is suing on behalf of some small businesses and individuals to challenge the federal government’s authority to collect taxes from the states to finance ObamaCare.

Where is the Raleigh-based “conservative revolution” while all of this is going on?  [*Dramatic pause to listen for sound of crickets.*]

Granted, we have a Democrat attorney general who — I might add — did not even draw a GOP opponent in 2012’s GOP tidal wave in North Carolina.  Roy Cooper has publicly embraced Big Barry AND ObamaCare.   Why don’t the McCrory administration AND the General Assembly direct Cooper to DO HIS JOB and join the fight against this looming economic disaster?

According to Cooper’s own web site:

The Attorney General is elected by the people of North Carolina every four years as the state’s top law enforcement officer and top lawyer. Powers and duties of the Attorney General are set forth in the Constitution and Statutes of North Carolina.
The first North Carolina Constitution, written in 1776, established the Office of the Attorney General. In the early 1800s, the General Assembly created the Department of Justice as part of a government-wide reorganization.
Under the state Constitution, the attorney general must be authorized to practice law in the courts of this state.
As head of the North Carolina Department of Justice, the Attorney General provides legal representation and advice to all state government departments, agencies and commissions. The Attorney General also provides legal opinions at the request of other public officials and handles all criminal appeals from state trial courts.
When the state’s public interests are at stake, the Attorney General can take legal action on behalf of North Carolina’s citizens. 
We’ve got an executive and legislative branch — elected by the people — adamantly opposed to ObamaCare — RIGHT ????
 Wouldn’t that be fun to put Roy Cooper on the spot?  Pass resolutions in the House and Senate directing Cooper to fight ObamaCare.   MAKE him say publicly that ObamaCare is good for North Carolina, and that HE is not going to fight it.  Firms in North Carolina are already folding operations, cutting employee hours, implementing hiring freezes, and laying off employees in anticipation of ObamaCare’s arrival. I’d say our public interests are at stake.  ObamaCare is crippling our economy and hurting its ability to recover.  
Cooper says he is our lawyer.  Why isn’t our lawyer standing up for us?
In other states with a GOP governor and a Democrat attorney general, we’ve seen the governors hire their own counsel to file suit.
We’ve got some leaders in the Raleigh ”revolution” — one in the governor’s mansion, one in the General Assembly eyeing a US Senate seat — who have said ObamaCare is the law of the land and there is nothing that can be done about it.  Well, the British tax on tea WAS the law of the land.  Early Americans DID something about that.  Slavery WAS the law of the land.  Something was done about that.  Segregation WAS the law of the land.  Something was DONE about that.  That’s the nice thing about democracy — something CAN be done about bad laws.  It just takes courage and leadership to make that change happen.