Guilty conscience wreaking havoc in The Pilot’s newsroom?

I guess South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson finally got to the fiction-peddlers in The Pilot’s newsroom.

Here we are — one week before the vote — and we finally get our local paper here in Moore County (affectionately known as Pravda-on-Pennsylvania) to PRINT the text of the proposed amendment to the state constitution that will be on the ballot.

A big thank you to reporter / repeater  Tom Embrey for finally practicing journalism.  It’s too bad that you had to do it as an after-thought at the end of a weak non-story where you are trying to turn a West End housewife into the next George Zimmerman.  

Seriously?  We finally got the Pinehurst Police and their radar out of the bushes.  Are we now going to have to worry about psychotic cranky busy-body Yankees waiting in ambush?   

Now, Tom, you owe us a story explaining JUST how the actual wording of this proposed constitutional amendment squares with the duplicitous bullshit that your paper has been peddling for months on its news and editorial pages.