What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas



I’ve continued my perusal of Renee Ellmers’s campaign finance report.   Check it out HERE (specifically p.94).  It appears that her reelection campaign fund picked up the tab for “food and beverage” on March 21 and March 24  at The Palazzo in fabulous Las  Vegas, Nevada.  (Five Diamonds, of course. Only the best for OUR girl.)

Let’s see — checking my map.  No, Las Vegas is NOT in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.  The campaign fund is meant for use in seeking reelection from the folks who voted for you to go to Washington.  (Maybe she was looking for a few tourists from back home who were vacationing there at the time.) 

Trolling through the disbursement section of her report, I see an extraordinary amount of “food and beverage” expenses, hotel room expenses, and “food and beverage” expenses for someone who is in her first term in office.  She hasn’t been around here all that much.  Where has she been going to campaign?