Ready to rumble: King vs. Hayes for NCGOP chairman?

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Yep. That one made me raise an eyebrow, too.  But that is what I am taking from conversations over the last few days with some NCGOP politicos.   I got a kick out of a comment from one of my sources:

“Asking me to choose between those two is like asking me to choose whether I want to be shot or stabbed.”

The word HAD been that Hayes would not seek re-election, and the party establishment would step in behind King, the party vice-chairman.  But Hayes is making noises about running for another term.  The chairman has taken a beating from grassroots activists for THIS and similar acts.  King has taken some heat from the grassroots over accusations of primary meddling leveled by former state senator Fern Shubert and a multitude of  party activists.

If a Hayes-King confrontation comes to fruition, an opportunity for a Tea Party-supported candidate would certainly arise.   One of the politicos I talked with expressed concern about either King or Hayes remaining in power:

“Tea Party folks are angry.  They’ve done a lot of good, hard work for the state party.  But these guys in Raleigh and DC have treated them like absolute dirt.  A lot of these folks have been talking seriously about jumping ship and starting a third party.  I’ve worked hard to kill that kind of talk, but Raleigh has not been helping.  If we don’t get some new blood into party leadership, I am afraid we could see a serious crack-up within our party.”


3 thoughts on “Ready to rumble: King vs. Hayes for NCGOP chairman?

  1. Plus at least two others that I hear are going to throw their hats in the ring…could get interesting.

  2. King vs Hayes — Bevis and Butthead.

    How can we ever expect to change DC leadership when we can’t toss out two of the biggest problems we have in NCGOP.

    Hayes is a dinosaur. King is just petulant.

  3. We need a conservative / Tea Party candidate, and it is NOT either of this pair of duds.

    We also need candidates for other offices – the Vice Chairman who is elected by the convention, and the General Counsel, Secretary, and Treasurer plus their assistants who are elected by the State Executive Committee. Control of the Central Committee may rest on taking these lower offices away from the establishment. There need to be solid conservatives for all of those seats

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