Hayes: NCGOP all in FOR Priebus @ RNC




NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes has proven — once again — that,when the DC establishment needs something handled, he’s THERE for them.

The state party chairman has sent out an email to RNC leaders telling them that he and North Carolina’s two voting RNC delegates (David Lewis and Ada Fisher) are supporting the reelection of RNC chairman Reince Preibus at the RNC winter meeting this week in Charlotte.

Priebus’s two year term saw the party lose a “sure-thing” presidential race and multiple seats in the US House and Senate.  2012 was the first campaign in AGES that neither member of a Republican presidential ticket carried their home state.  Romney-Ryan lost Paul Ryan’s (and Reince Priebus’s)  home state of Wisconsin.  The ticket also lost Romney’s birthplace  (Michigan), his adopted home state (Massachusetts), and the two states where he has vacation homes (California and New Hampshire).

Mark Willis, Maine’s RNC committeeman, is challenging Priebus for the national party chairman post.   David Lewis, RNC committeeman from North Carolina, has been taking some heat for endorsing Priebus — describing his first term as a “success.”  Hayes upped the ante by sending out THIS email:

Dear RNC Members,


As the RNC Winter Meeting begins, the North Carolina Republican Party is proud to welcome you to the charming city of Charlotte. We are thrilled to host this historic meeting and excited to have you visit our great state!

In North Carolina, the Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been. The 2012 election was truly extraordinary in the Tar Heel State. We defeated the Obama Machine and voted for Mitt Romney, for the first time in more than two decades we elected our first Republican Governor and Lt. Governor, 3 new GOP congressmen joined the delegation in Washington, and we elected super-majorities in both the State House and State Senate. Our state and local office holders from Commissioners to Board Memberships to judiciary also shared in our success.

We had success because we had strong candidates, a great grassroots team, and a meaningful message. Our in-state strengths were magnified by the RNC and the exceptional leadership of Reince Priebus.

Reince Priebus is the honest, hard-working, conservative leader our party needs moving forward. Priebus has done an amazing job in reviving a party that was mired with financial difficulties and a sullied reputation. He solidified our financial footing, connected with our grassroots leaders, and has enhanced the GOP’s reputation. His accomplishments have obviously earned the ire of Democratic operatives, who realize that his continued leadership threatens their future prospects at success.

Every two years it is our duty, as members of the RNC, to evaluate the party’s strengths and identify opportunities to improve. Reince has a tremendous vision, the experience necessary, work ethic, and willingness to improve the RNC and lead us over the next few years.

I am proud to announce that North Carolina’s three RNC members, Dr. Ada Fisher (National Committeewoman), David Lewis (National Committeeman), and I support the re-election of Reince Priebus.




Robin Hayes

Chairman, North Carolina Republican Party


Democrat operatives?  Check the comments at the bottom of our prior story about this.  (I don’t see a lot of Democrats there.)  Conservative icon Morton Blackwell — an RNC delegate from Virginia — is not thrilled with Priebus.  A lot of the folks in  THIS video from the Republican National Convention in Tampa don’t seem to be thrilled with Hayes OR Priebus.  

So, the Democrats are worried about Priebus getting re-elected?   Yep.  They just got done swearing in their president and vice-president and celebrating their expanded Senate majority and House caucus.   I don’t know how much more  agony and frustration like that the lefties will be able to stand.