ECU “training” K-12 teachers to “stop normalizing heterosexuality”


Yep. You read that right.  Once again, Education First Alliance has got all of the gory details:

Parents for Public Schools and East Carolina University (ECU) are working to get Pitt County schools to adopt radical gender-theory curricula and policies that ensure students stop normalizing heterosexuality (families), use gender pronouns in classes, and urges teachers to create LGBTQ-focused classrooms, and to provide children with “support” behind their parents’ backs.

A trove of documents obtained by Education First Alliance from ECU illustrates the extent to which gender ideology has been peddled to North Carolina’s 14th-largest school district.The radical extremist group Parents for Public Schools is partnering with ECU to translate the principles of “queer theory” into K-12 pedagogy.

The Safe Zone training materials include recommendations for teachers to discuss sexual orientation with their students and urge them to assist their gay or transgender students in coming out, as well as referring them to adult-led “gender and sexuality” clubs.

The goals of the training:

  • Promote LGBTQ ideology in schools

  • Reduce heterosexism and cisgenderism (“heterosexual privilege”) in schools

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, heterosexism is prejudice against LGBTQ people based on the belief that heterosexuality is the only normal and natural expression of sexuality.

The Pitt County School system serves more than 23,000 students, 70% of whom are racial minorities from poor families.

ECU and Parents for Public Schools’ gender-ideology program for teachers is revolting because it promotes classroom sexual politics and does nothing to provide these children with a basic education or help them move up the social and economic ladder.This Safe Zone Training aims to ensnare minority and low-income students in a quagmire of confusion, defeat, and bitterness – while ECU academics and politicians keep getting fat paydays.

Here are the slides from the presentations given. to Greenville area K-12 educators.

Meanwhile, math scores for K-12 students are at a 40-year low nationwide. It’s *good* to see the public education crowd has their priorities, um, *straight.*