DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

The DC establishment is working feverishly to avoid the feared government shut-down.  *Can’t tick off The Washington Post and The New York Times, can we?*  (I wish they felt the same about us little people out in fly-over country.) 

Republicans STILL allegedly control Capitol Hill.  But they can’t seem to cough up $5 billion to kick-start President Trump’s border wall. 

But they CAN find $10.6 billion in foreign aid to send to Mexico and a number of other Central American countries.

On top of that, we have Democrat members of Congress escorting members of the so-called refugee caravan across our southern border and into the United States — basically thumbing their noses at border patrol agents already struggling to do their jobs. 

These people are flushing our economy down the toilet with their reckless, out-of-control spending.  They’re trying to do the same to our social fabric and national security by basically unlocking and dropping every bit of border security we have.

10 thoughts on “DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

  1. I am a 68 yr. old female who has voted in every primary, general, and Presidential election since I was 18 (Michigan) in many states. The
    Republicans have LOST all of my support-financial and otherwise. I will NOT vote for a Democrat-from now on-I will just stay home. $$ support and votes don’t matter to them!!!

    1. Dropping out does not help. A lot of GOP activists share your frustration with some of our elected officials, but the key is keeping good conservatives involved to help take out the amnesty whores in the primaries. One who needs to go is Thom Tillis, who prostitutes himself constantly in favor of amnesty and illegal aliens. He comes up for a primary in 2020. Hopefully, Congressman Mark Meadows, a strong conservative and immigration hawk will run against him. Meadows is right now leading the last ditch efforts in the House to get the border wall funded.

      We do not need good people dropping out. We need them to stay involved but be very selective in where they put their votes and money.

      A good source to find the solid candidates to put your money behind in US Senate races is the Senate Conservatives Fund at http://www.senateconservatives.com

      Conservatives should never give to a McConnell controlled committee like the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

  2. This is political suicide. Polls show that building the wall and stopping illegal immigration are top issues for GOP voters:


    Polls also show that these issues resonate with all voters:


    Mitch McConnell, like Boehner, Ryan, and McCarthy, is a craven coward afraid of government shutdowns and will wave a white flag at the Democrats at a moments notice. We need leaders with a backbone and a set of gonads, and McConnell clearly has neither. The reality is that the GOP vote has good UP not down after previous government shutdowns.

    McConnell needs another serious primary. His last conservative primary opponent is now the GOP governor of Kentucky. Maybe he will want another swipe at McConnell. The polls show McConnell vulnerable as he has some of the lowest home state voter approval numbers in the entire country. Conservatives need to prioritize finding a good candidate and taking McConnell our in the primary.

  3. Amen, John Steed!!!!
    I have to battle myself to stay a Republican. I have no good words to share with any elected official that does not support the current Meadows Jordan amendments that are IMO paramount to the good health of the GOP.

    Browny Douglas

  4. There is no real hope for the Republican Party in the long run. Reagan tried to reform it and failed. Trump, no matter how hard he tries to implement conservative reform, continues to meet Republican resistance and cowardice. Here in North Carolina, just look how the Republicans are caving to radical anarchists and leftist goons at UNC. Can any thinking person actually believe there is a conservative future in the GOP?

  5. Congressman Mark Meadows is a true hero of this fight. He was the one leading the effort to add special orders to the House budget bill to fund the wall, and he stood up and announced he would back President Trump if it took a veto and government shutdown to get the money for the wall. I heard no other voice from the NC delegation doing that (of course Walter Jones is out with an undisclosed illness). The silence was deafening from Burr and Tillis.

    Now, Mark Meadows has put forward a provision to cut off pay for Congress as long as the prospective shutdown lasts, and announced he will forego his own pay.

    These are leadership qualities we need in a US Senator. I hope Mark Meadows will rise to the occasion and run in 2020 for the seat now occupied by Tillis.

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