DC tells pro-border security Americans to ‘Stuff it.’

The DC establishment is working feverishly to avoid the feared government shut-down.  *Can’t tick off The Washington Post and The New York Times, can we?*  (I wish they felt the same about us little people out in fly-over country.) 

Republicans STILL allegedly control Capitol Hill.  But they can’t seem to cough up $5 billion to kick-start President Trump’s border wall. 

But they CAN find $10.6 billion in foreign aid to send to Mexico and a number of other Central American countries.

On top of that, we have Democrat members of Congress escorting members of the so-called refugee caravan across our southern border and into the United States — basically thumbing their noses at border patrol agents already struggling to do their jobs. 

These people are flushing our economy down the toilet with their reckless, out-of-control spending.  They’re trying to do the same to our social fabric and national security by basically unlocking and dropping every bit of border security we have.