NC-09: Robeson GOP says ENOUGH.

Union County, one of the members of the Ninth Congressional District, has already made its wishes known about the political kerfluffle over the uncertified congressional race.  A second member county, Robeson County, now has its Republican leaders sounding off in the form of an official resolution:

Resolution of the Robeson County Republican Party

WHEREAS,  the Robeson County Board of Elections has certified the results of both the 2018 Primary & General Elections for the 9thCongressional District; and

WHEREAS, The North Carolina State Board of Elections has refused to certify the results for the 9thCongressional District; and

WHEREAS, every political race in both Bladen & Robeson Counties has been certified using the same ballots in question by the North Carolina State Board of Elections; and

WHEREAS, there has been no public evidence that enough ballots in question would alter the race and similar concerns were expeditiously dismissed by the State Board in 2016; and

WHEREAS, Robeson county will lack representation in the United States House of Representatives in the 116thCongress beginning January 3rd, 2019 as hearings have been delayed until after Congress is seated harming the citizens of our county; and

WHEREAS, no local protests have been filed in Robeson County by any candidate for the 9thCongressional District.

NOW THEREFORE, The Robeson County Republican Party by vote of the entire Executive Committee hereby adopt the following resolution:

RESOLVED, The Robeson County Republican Party hereby respectfully requests that the North Carolina State Board of Elections immediately certify the results of the 9thCongressional District just as every county board of elections within the 9thCongressional District has already certified the results.

Adopted this 16thday of December, 2018.[…]

Robeson Republicans also have another race that was not certified.  District Court candidate Jack Moody (R) ended election day as a winner over his Democrat opponent.  But, ten days later, “provisionals” and other found ballots decimated Moody’s lead and put his opponent ahead.

Robeson AND Bladen counties are both apparently the subjects of in-depth investigations by the state board of elections.

The folks in Robeson DO raise an interesting point.  If we conduct a re-do on the congressional race because of questions about the integrity of some ballots, shouldn’t there be a revote on every other race featured on those ballots in question?

2 thoughts on “NC-09: Robeson GOP says ENOUGH.

  1. Why do we have state GOP leaders, and its paid staff, so out of touch with our local parties? Time for a change!

  2. Party members have strong expectations of what our party should be doing in situations like this. That includes defending the seat we won and defending the reputation of the party itself. Woodhouse, Hayes, and associates, and our legislative leadership is doing none of that. They are serving as useful idiots for the Democrats and their media propaganda arm.

    The Democrats and media are painting a picture of “Republican election fraud” and that should not be going unchallenged. Our party should be pushing back by pointing out that Cooper’s narrow win benefited from the same type of election fraud in the same part of the state, and that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee was paying for the very same type of election fraud in the 9th district in this race. Why has the NCGOP gone silent on these powerful arguments? It makes one sick to watch Woodhouse’s performance on MSNBC.

    Why are we not defending this seat and prematurely trying top surrender? It looks like they cannot craft an argument that what Dowless did would have changed 900 votes. Why are they helping trash Mark Harris and trying to divide the party with a new primary? Don’t they comprehend that many conservatives will simply not stand for their stealing the nomination from conservative Harris to try to hand it to one of their establishment creatures? Especially if that establishment creature is Pittenger, with his very liberal voting record, or McCrory who betrayed conservatives on HB2? An “R” by a candidate’s name means much less when the party is behaving the way it is, and that makes it much easier for conservatives to sit out a general election if the establishment steals the nomination.

    What the NCGOP is doing on this fiasco is a recipe for disaster.

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