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NC-09: Here we go again? (Ballot harvesting x 10 ???)

  Some DC Democrats,  the Dan McCready campaign, and their enablers in the drive-by media spent months lecturing us on the horrors of ballot-harvesting.  They even hammered home their point by savaging Rev. Mark Harris and a guy out of Bladen County named McCrae Dowless….

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NC-03: Murphy tells Burr to back off Trump Jr.

  It’s rare to have elected members of the same party publicly criticizing each other.  A lot of DC Republicans have been sinking their teeth into US senator Richard Burr over his harassment of presidential son Donald Trump Jr.  and his continued pursuit of this…

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John Hood clique STILL can’t accept that Trump WON (and keeps winning)

  Our senior US senator Richard Burr is being roundly denounced for subpoenaing and harassing the son of President Donald Trump well after the whole Russian collusion thing has been publicly proven as a BIG FAT HOAX.  (Burr’s actions are akin to launching an investigation…

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#ncga: Steinburg hits up Currituck AGAIN for basketball $$$$$

  We wrote extensively on last year’s Steinburg-sponsored debacle in Asheville.  In his rookie outing as a basketball promoter, then-Rep., now-senator Bob Steinburg promised all kinds of benefits for Currituck County.  For the “cheap” price of $50,000.  (It didn’t hurt that now-Rep. Bobby Hanig —…

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NCGOPe battles to save state elections board’s Lil’ Kim from mean ol’ Roy

  THIS right here, is akin to an  endorsement from  Thom Tillis right now:     Great competence?  She and her staff have ignored a whole lot of misbehavior on both sides of the aisle on Jones Street.  That’s ONE big reason why THIS GUY…

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NC-09: Bishop on fast track to facing McCready in general?

  THAT is apparently what National Journal’s Hotline is reporting.  So take it for what it’s worth: […] NC-09: “Three private polls conducted by both parties in late April suggest that” state Sen. Dan Bishop (R) is on track to secure the nomination in Tuesday’s…

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  There’s nothing like having  someone young enough to be your daughter, with 1/100th the life experience and 1/1000th the business experience, tell you that what you’re saying is dumb.  Especially when this particular teenager is a “policy analyst” for Civitas,  allegedly the leader in…

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#ncpol: Who wants to be the NEW Dallas ????

  There is a posting on Indeed that tells you what you need to do.    Deadline for applying is May 17.  A new party chairman is being elected during the convention being held June 6-9.   The “job announcement” tells candidates they will  “work…

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Burr’s committee targets Trump, Jr.

  The seemingly endless competition to see who can out-awful the other rages on between the two doofuses we elected to the US Senate.  Richard Burr — who ironically chairs the Intelligence Committee — has his committee subpoenaing Donald Trump, Jr.  It seems Burr and…

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#hayesscandal: “the defendant” is STILL throwing his weight around at NCGOP HQ

  You would think Robert Cannon Hayes would have more pressing things on his mind these days — you know, with his face still stinging from being slapped with FIVE criminal indictments.   Yet, I’m being told Hayes is still bullying his way around behind…