BAAAAD for a prospective legislator, but OK for a wannabe governor?

Politics is famous for double-standards.  *Rules for THEE, but not for MEEEEEEE.*

We see it all the time in DC, in Raleigh, and even on the local front.

Well, it appears a political consulting firm with ties to senator Phil Berger is aiding state Rep. Kevin Crutchfield (R-Cabarrus) in his primary race.   The Crutchfield campaign has released a digital ad featuring a pretty brutal attack on Crutchfield’s opponent, fellow Republican Brian Echevarria.  Let’s look at some of the accusations leveled against Echevarria and see if they sound like someone else we all know (or know of).

Accusation #1:  Declared Bankruptcy.  This is set out as an example of why Echeverria does not need to be elected to Raleigh. Meanwhile, the SAME people cheering on Crutchfield are the same people promoting Lt. Gov Mark Robinson — who has declared bankruptcy THREE TIMES – for governor.




Accusation #2: Didn’t Pay His Taxes.  Crutchfield’s people accuse Echevarria of not paying his taxes.  Nevermind that Team Crutchfield’s preferred candidate for governor – Mark Robinsonhad to be reminded by WRAL that he was five years delinquent on his tax payments to Guilford County.




Accusation #3: Didn’t Pay His Bills Either.  This one is kinda funny.  Mark Robinson got hit with all kinds of charges for bad checks — which is basically not paying your bills.  A little over a decade ago, Robinson and his wife were taken to court to be evicted from their home for non-payment of rent.



The Robinsons currently make – combined – close to $350K.  Yet, they still can’t seem to find the money to pay the $2000 they still owe the landlord who had them evicted.

*Hmmmm. It appears Mark Robinson‘s opponents in the GOP primary for governor could easily switch out the pictures of Echevarria and Echevarria’s name for pictures of Robinson and Robinson’s name and this video would work just fine in THAT race.*