Truitt BLEW IT: A fabricated endorsement ???

I know that arms are being fiercely twisted all over Raleigh to, um, “encourage” electeds and other NCGOP politicos to get onboard with embattled NC DPI superintendent Catherine Truitt‘s reelection effort.   I am hearing stories of “honorables” praising Truitt in public, but telling everyone around them later that they, um, “really didn’t mean it.”

Truitt, a registered Republican, is facing a serious challenge in the March 5 primary from her right by fellow Republican Michele Morrow.  

Ads have been popping up all over social media featuring various NCGOP celebrities offering their praise and support of the incumbent state schools superintendent.  Here’s one targeting Brunswick County voters:



I’ve heard reports of senator Rabon denying he endorsed Truitt.  (That hasn’t been confirmed yet.) But Rep. Miller’s camp has actually gone one step further and gone on the record:


Actually, that’s pretty good advice for ALL elected folks.  STAY the heck out of primary races. (Who knows? You may find yourself in one soon.)

Sooooooo.  If the Miller endorsement was incorrect  / false, how many other Truitt “endorsements” are, as well?