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NC-09: Getting those stories STRAIGHT ….

  Do they want a new election or NOT?  Is the appearance of Republican cheating more significant than the more abundant and much-better documented evidence of Democrat cheating? The circus to allegedly and finally bring the congressional election to an end kicks off this coming…

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NC-09: DEMs put (at least) $126K on the streets of Robeson County in 2018 for McRae Dowless-like ops

  For one of the poorest counties in the state, there sure is a lot of cold hard cash floating around on the streets.  Especially in the run-up to election day. While the media has been feigning shock and awe over the reported $7K paid…

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Media SOOOOOOOOO Wrong on NC-03, post-Jones

  It’s one thing to smack around the drivebys for being stupid and inaccurate.  It’s a travesty when  the folks allegedly on OUR SIDE are doing the same.  Case in point, the frenzy over who will replace the late Walter Jones, who is being laid…

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Keepin’ it Classy: NCGOP using Walter Jones funeral to harvest email addresses for fundraising

  Yep.  Grandpa Hip-Replacement and his crew on Hillsborough Street just keep the hits coming.  Look at what showed up in email inboxes this week: For those of you who don’t know, this is a ghost-written  letter distributed by the NCGOP’s communications director  Jeff Hauser….

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#ncpol: Walter Jones, RIP.

I’ve been on a roller coaster ride over the years with Walter Jones.  In the early 90s, while in DC, a fellow North Carolinian started telling me about this rebellious conservative Democrat in the North Carolina House.  “He’s one to keep your eye on,” my…

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ICE ruins Taco Tuesday in Lee County. Amnesty crowd throws a fit. (Film at 11.)

  The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement service (ICE) swept into our fine state this week to actually enforce federal law on immigration and employment.   Something called Alerta Migratoria NC issued a call to arms to its shock troops: Isn’t that sweet?  They have…

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ICE, ICE Baby (Lee County, NC re-mix.)

  I swear.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Here’s Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter (R):   Here’s more from our favorite band of snowflakes from Lee County: […] Agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested approximately 30 men and women for “identification theft…

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Ethically-challenged NCGOPe LOSER blasts Mark Meadows in driveby media

    Some folks don’t know when they’re beaten and need to move on.  Look at Dan McCready.  And Robert Pittenger. The word on the street is that the ex-congressman (and former state senator)  is looking to run AGAIN for lieutenant governor.  (Political juggernaut Walter…

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  It appears the Jacksonville area and Onslow  County will be well-represented in the campaign to replace retiring US Rep. Walter Jones in 2020. Vanessa Sapp of Sneads Ferry has released a video and website announcing the formation  of an exploratory committee for a congressional…

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NC-09: Dallas & Gramps make “an exception” for Mark Harris

  This email hit inboxes this week: Dear Friend — This is an important message. As policy, the NCGOP does not engage its list of donors and supporters to solicit donations to individual candidates and causes. We don’t do this because of the financial needs of…