Campaign 2012: The great tax backfire in NC GOV race



I swear I saw this coming.   The  Pat McCrory campaign, NCGOP and national GOP all jumped on a WECT TV interview where Democrat nominee Walter Dalton would not rule out tax increases.   A veritable field day was had. 

Now, it appears that the McCrory campaign will not — for The Charlotte Observer — rule out tax increases if McCrory is elected governor.

It’s a more important issue than you may think.  McCrory, as mayor, backed tax increases to pay for light rail projects.  He even fought against conservatives seeking a repeal of those tax increases.

Limited government and tax relief  helped give the GOP the winning edge over Democrats year after year.  If we’re surrendering that edge, what has the GOP got to differentiate itself from the Democrats? 


3 thoughts on “Campaign 2012: The great tax backfire in NC GOV race

  1. Who do you think the public are gonna vote for? Someone needs to put smack Pat. I swear that the McCrory clan are acting like a bunch of Kennedy’s.

  2. What is the matter with this man?? We, TEA Party, conservatives, Republicans of NC, are trying to hand the GOP gubernatorial victory to him in 2012, but “he can’t rule out tax increases” in NC?????? [eye roll] Really? It just shouldn’t be that hard to make us happy and reduce taxes. If this is a sign of things to come with Pat, then we might be stuck with another rotten Democrat in November! NO NEW TAXES! NO TAX INCREASES! NO RAIL, light or otherwise, Pat!

  3. Pat is not, and never has been, a conservative the way we think of it. He is still WAY better than Perdue and better than Dalton. His strength will be in the business recruitment arena and state promotion arena. The House and Senate will have to be the more financially sane ones, which, like the Federal gov’t, is the constitutional case.

    We will have to hold his feet to the fire. But at least, with Pat, we have someone to hold. We couldn’t get close enough to the Dumocrats.

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