Boehner, The RNC & co. coming after Walter Jones

jbIn 2002, the DC establishment parachuted Elizabeth Dole into North Carolina to fill the seat of retiring senator Jesse Helms.  In 2014, Karl Rove, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are trying hard to pick our next US senator for us.  Also, this year, it appears House speaker John Boehner is working behind the scenes to pick a new representative for our state’s Third congressional district.

Walter Jones has always been a different animal.  He was quite the outlier as a Democrat serving in the state House.  In the US House, as a Republican,  he’s confounded GOP leader after leader for refusing to toe the party line.  He was one of the few North Carolina voices to vote right on repealing ObamaCare and lifting the debt ceiling — arguably the biggest issues on Americans’ minds these days.  Thanks to his independent streak, Jones finds himself on John Boehner’s BAD list.  

Long-time GOP operative and DC lobbyist Taylor Griffin has been parachuted in to the Third District to serve as an instrument of payback against Jones.  Word has leaked out about a DC fundraiser for Griffin hosted by a number of DC GOP Establishment figures.  Even the drive-by media is expressing astonishment over GOP operatives working to oust a sitting GOP Member of Congress. 

Let’s take a look at some of the names on the Griffin fundraiser invitation.  First, let’s take Will Kinzel.  He’s an aide to John Boehner.  Matt McDonald is a former aide to conservative *stalwarts* like Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain.   Here’s David Aufuhauser.  Kevin Sheridan was a top aide to Paul Ryan during the 2012 presidential campaign and, earlier, a press flack for the RNC.  Tony Fratto and Stuart Siciliano served as press spokesmen in the George W. Bush White House.  Tracey Schmitt was a long-time RNC aide, has deep ties to the Bush political machine, and apparently has bought into the Left’s “Republican war on women” nonsense. 

7 thoughts on “Boehner, The RNC & co. coming after Walter Jones

  1. Wow, it is true there really is no opposition party. It’s a good thing the Republican Party Establishment is coming out of the closet for all to see.

  2. Walter has nothing to worry about. Having the GOP establishment against you is a blessing no candidate could afford to buy. I would vote Democrat before voting for a GOP Establishment-backed candidate.

  3. Had politicians like Jones, Holding and McIntyre seen the fallacy of political-party loyalty earlier in their lives and become “independents”, North Carolina would be a more competitive and prosperous state today. Political parties will always corrupt themselves when power and wealth are available. IT is through the cumulative actions of true independents that we maintain our independence.

  4. Mr. Jones made a promise many years ago that he would self term limit; like all career politicians he has forgotten that promise. It is time for a new representative no matter how much you admire Jones, simply to hold him to his promise.

    It is worth noting that Jones has taken millions in special interest PAC money and that he took money from the notorious Charlie Rangel.

    Just because a man receives support from some moderates–like Jesse Helms did, and Reagan–doesn’t make the man himself moderate. So Griffin might very well be getting help from moderates, but that doesn’t make him a moderate.

    Also it is widely held that Boehner and Co will not be around next term in any event, so worrying about him controlling anyone is wasted energy.

    1. The one on Boehner’s team who is as bad as Boehner is Eric Cantor, and that is the same problem all over again.

      The key is which Congressmen talk a good game, but fall in line with what the leadership tells them to do when it comes down to brass tacks. Walter Jones was named one of only Ten members of what was deemed the ”Conservative Fight Club” in the US House by the major conservative website These are the conservative legislators who can always be depended upon to fight wasteful spending and debt increases no matter what the leadership wants. Jones has NEVER voted for a debt limit increase while he has been in Congress, one of the few who have stood firm for so long.

      Taylor Griffin is a Washington insider who never even lived in the 3rd District until his fellow insiders parachuted him in to run against Jones. Griffin has been a lobbyist in DC and has lobbied for a number of foreign interests, including at least one from the Arab world. Lobbyists are the worst sort of Washington insiders.

  5. Walter jones jr. Is no Walter Jones Sr. ! I knew his father and he was a great congressman. Walter is not respected in Washington DC they laugh at him. He’s called freedom fries! He gets million to dredge Oregon inlet but has never helped Hatteras island, the bridge, rt 12 and beaches are a disgrace. It is a cash cow for NC bringing in 280 million dollars in 2012 to the tax base. Walter is obsessed with wars but we need him dealing with the issues of Eastern NC. At age 72 he needs to go!!

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