The Mushroom Treatment: Big stories being ignored by NC drive-bys

It’s arguable that IGNORING important events is just as bad as LYING about them.  In-state and national drive-bys have achieved excellence in lying about stuff.  But they are staying oh-so-silent about a few disturbing things that deserve a hell of a lot of attention.

Sex changes for young, young kids:  Our site, and other conservative alternative media, have uncovered the fact that taxpayer-funded medical centers — specifically UNC and ECU — are marketing sex change services and procedures to children as young as FOUR YEARS OLD.

To make matters worse,  former legislator Nelson Dollar has quietly popped up with a sweet state job in the Psychiatry Department at UNC medical school.  He is also currently shown as a “senior policy advisor” on House Speaker Tim Moore’s staff.

The Psychiatry Department is one of the key drivers for the sex-change operation at UNC Hospitals.  So, we apparently have Nelson Dollar double-dipping on the taxpayer’s dime. And we also have him — a top aide and BFF to Tim Moore — embedded inside one of the driving forces of the state-funded sex-change industry.  Can we infer from this that Tim Moore blesses the marketing of sex changes to 4-year olds? 

Silence on stuff like this speaks volumes.  Let’s compare the inaction in Raleigh to what happened in neighboring Tennessee.  There, The Daily Wire uncovered similar activity at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.  The GOP-controlled Tennessee legislature shut it down and started a probe.  The GOP governor also got in on the crackdown.  Compare that to the silence of the compliant political establishment and drive-by media in our state capital. 

Stolen money to NC politicians.  The FTX bitcoin scandal is turning out to be one of our country’s largest financial scandals EVER.  Tons of political organizations and politicians received money the SEC says was STOLEN from FTX customers.  Yet, there is no outcry to give the money back.  And we’re not hearing anything about any politicians offering to give the money back.  (A special account has been set up, we understand, to help recover the embezzled funds.)

Democrat Valerie Foushee was the top NC beneficiary of FTX’s, um, “generosity.”   THAT is probably why we are hearing so little about this.  In fact, beyond our site, I think bathroom expert and veteran drive-by Colon Campbell is the only other one to delve into the subject.

Thom Tillis, appropriately, came in #2.  Democrat Jeff Jackson got some FTX money.  Republican Chuck Edwards got some of the stolen funds too. Richard Burr and Ted Budd also got some of the stolen money.

Decent, moral people would be falling all over themselves to give back money once they hear it’s been stolen.  But we’re not talking about OUR politicians, are we?  With the silence of the drive-by media and political establishment, NO ONE is holding them accountable. 

Stories like these — and the ensuing misconduct by the drive-by media and political establishment — demonstrate WHY sources like The Daily Haymaker are so important. Who else would bother to cut through all the utter bullshit we are being spoon-fed daily?