SEC: FTX stole from investors. (So, when are NC pols giving that stolen $$$$ back?)

“A fraud from the start,” is how the US Securities and Exchange Commission describes cryptocurrency exchange FTX.    CEO Sam Bankman Fried and his associates dumped a ton of money into the recently completed congressional elections.  Democrats got most of the cash, but some Republicans got a decent cut too.  All of those campaign donations have been defined by the SEC as “illegal.”

Roughly half of North Carolina’s congressional delegation got a piece of FTX’s action.  But the silence from our drive-by media is quite spooky.  Where are all the calls for our politicians to give back this clearly stolen cash?  Could the fact that the biggest beneficiary from NC — Valerie Foushee — was a Democrat be playing a role in this?    (Democrat Jeff Jackson got some money too.) Our drive-bys loooooooove Democrats.  If this had been an all-Republican scandal, WRAL and The N&O would be living off of this story.  (Look at how crazy those people went trying to make the Moore County power outage be all about drag queens.)

Here at The Haymaker, we’re all about giving ALL the corrupt dirtbags their come-to-Jesus moments. A PAC controlled by senator Thom Tillis was the second biggest NC-tied beneficiary of FTX largesse.  A PAC that bought ads for now senator-elect Ted Budd in the GOP primary came in right behind the Tillis PAC.

There is all kinds of publicity nationally about efforts to recover the stolen FTX moolah.  Why aren’t OUR politicos jumping at the chance to help defrauded investors recover their pilfered loot?  Why is our alleged “watchdog” drive-by media being so silent about all this silence?