And the sequestration scam rolls on …



We’ve been treated to wave after wave of  media and lefty spin talking about how devastating the sequestration cuts to the federal budget will cripple our great nation.  Never mind that the actual sequestration ONLY cuts growth in spending.  Never mind that the total cut is about equal to the amount of money appropriated in the Hurricane Sandy “bailout” bill.  

Shamefully, the GOP House went along with the Democrat Senate  (and, of course, Big Barry) to make the sequester cuts an equal split between defense and entitlement spending.  Never mind that, in 2012, defense spending was 19 percent of all federal spending.  Entitlements were 58 percent. 

In retaliation for being forced into some fiscal restraint, the DC establishment is reacting in a mighty petty manner.  White House tours have been cancelled — roiling a lot of family vacation and school trip plans.   Fort Bragg — the largest military base in the mainland US — is , for the first time in 30 years, being forced to cancel its Fourth of July celebration.  Prisoners are being released.  Military pilots are being limited.

So, has DC discovered the gospel of fiscal restraint?  Hell, no.  The Obama girls — along with their coterie of  assorted handlers and Secret Service agents —   got to go on vacation to the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.  Big Barry and his baby-mama hosted a star-studded concert and gala — which I am SURE was not free — the other night at their “crib.”

*Talk about your essential government functions.   Screw the troops at Bragg and their morale.  Big Barry and the girls need to get up-close and personal with Justin Timberlake.  On OUR dime. *

“Big Sis”  at the Department of Homeland Security is investing in — of all things — bagpipes.  The new secret weapons against al-Qaeda? 

Big Barry has also hosted TWO private dinners with senators at the posh, expensive Jefferson Hotel  — a few blocks from his crib at 1600 Penn.  Never mind the big bill in the restaurant.  Think about the cost of the security measures and the caravan for taking Big Barry a few blocks away for dinner.

Middle America will be inconvenienced, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the DC crowd to experience ANY “pain.”   These cuts are not doing A THING to get our fiscal house in order.  The DC crowd is blowing smoke up our rears and selling us a bill of goods.  They are  dismissing us — laughing at us.  They are fiddling, while our economy, our futures, our livelihoods, and our country BURN.