ObamaCare: The key to “sock”-ing it to Kay Hagan

sock puppet




Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  Kay Hagan was one lucky gal in 2008.  At the time, she was a state senator — little known outside of Greensboro and Guilford County — whose biggest achievement had been co-chairing the state senate budget committee with Governor Walter Dalton.   She benefited from the incompetence of the McCain for President campaign and the Dole for Senate  reelection effort.  Hagan was also blessed by (1) NY Senator Chuck “You” Schumer  and his financial assistance, as well as (2) the well-oiled machinery of the Obama 2008 campaign and all of its walking-around money dumped on the state.  Chuck’s bucks and  Big Barry’s coattails swept ol’ Kay past her opponent, a long time resident of DC’s Watergate Hotel, and guaranteed her a six-year stay in DC.

Six years have passed, and our junior senator has developed quite a reputation as the favorite “sock puppet” of New York’s junior senator.   Her voting record has pretty much mirrored Schumer’s.  Her allies at McClatchy and WRAL have — this close to her reelection campaign — seen how this might be a problem outside Guilford, Wake, Durham and Orange counties.   These propaganda organs are breaking their necks to paint Princess Pantsuits as a moderate.  Harry Reid is apparently letting Hagan slide a little — in order to protect her politically at reelection time.  She voted against some recent Obama budget proposals.

I’ve gotten some indication of the GOP plans to attack Hagan as she runs for reelection.  They appear to be focusing on her support of the sequester and its cuts of government programs in the state.  Personally, I think a GOP campaign attacking an incumbent Democrat for cutting government spending would be a bit hard to stomach. 

I believe Senator Sock Puppet’s true Achilles Heel lies in her support of ObamaCare.  A story about her recent  abysmal Twitter-based town hall hinted at the potency of this issue:

What about the questions she didn’t accept? Here’s one from an Army veteran about how Obamacare has raised rates after Kay Hagan specifically said it wouldn’t:

@SenatorHagan I served my country.your vote 4 is crushing my family.  what are you going 2do 2get $495 copay back to $131?

This vet was later told to “f**k off” by one of Hagan’s supporters. Kay Hagan took a question from this liberal tweeting obscenities to a veteran at a twitter townhall about veterans, but didn’t take any of the questions from the veteran.

*Nice.*   Catholic Tea Party Hippie — a NC-based blogger — writes about her visit with Hagan’s staff in March to discuss ObamaCare.  It sounds a heck of a lot like the type of reaction my dad and I got when visiting with her staff to discuss ObamaCare in 2009. 

Over at the blog entitled “My Senator is A Loon”  (no joke), a writer calls out Hagan for supporting ObamaCare, and now trying to back away from it as reelection time gets closer.   This link illustrates how Hagan supported ObamaCare and fought efforts to repeal it.

ObamaCare is not a popular issue here in The Tar Heel State.  The GOP took control of the legislature in 2010 and complete control of state government in 2012.  Legislation to block state government from implementing ObamaCare-mandated health care exchanges sailed through the legislature.  There is a white-hot hatred of all things ObamaCare here.

I talked to a couple of retired friends the other day — seeking their thoughts about our junior senator and her upcoming reelection effort.  I asked both if they planned to support her.    Here’s reaction #1:

“HELL, NO.  ObamaCare is an absolute nightmare.  And that bitch was the deciding vote to pass it. She has to go.  Yesterday.”

I rest my case.