A Woodhouse family affair

Dallas Woodhouse is up to his beady eyes in Raleigh’s Hasan-gate.  But his brother Brad, a prominent Democrat strategist, is involved in a larger-scale attack on a much better-known black Republican:90

 A political accountability group backed by Hillary Clinton supporters this week filed a complaint to the Justice Department alleging that Donald Trump illegally promised Ben Carson a position in his administration in exchange for his endorsement, according to a document provided to POLITICO on Thursday.

“It has recently come to light that Mr. Donald Trump may have willfully offered Dr. Ben Carson an appointment to his administration should he become president in return for supporting his candidacy in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 599,” wrote Brad Woodhouse, the head of the David Brock-backed American Democracy Legal Fund. The letter is dated March 29 and addressed to Raymond Hulser, the head of the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section.

“ADLF respectfully requests that you investigate this matter and take all appropriate action as soon as possible,” the letter says. […]

In the complaint, which features CNN and Washington Post articles reporting on the endorsement and the aforementioned Newsmax piece, Woodhouse wrote that “Dr. Carson’s comments strongly suggest that Mr. Trump promised him an administration position in return for his endorsement.”

“Dr. Carson’s comments indicate that Mr. Trump used the promise of a role in his administration to secure Dr. Carson’s support for his presidential campaign,” he concluded. “For the above stated reasons, we respectfully request that you undertake an immediate investigation of this matter.”[…]

Hmmm.  Brad’s complaint sounds very similar to, oh, THIS ONE.   (You know, someone going on TV and saying something in direct contradiction to federal law.)