LGBT-ing the G-O-P.

NEWS_shitin_jennamackeyA national group that says having the GOP incorporate the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) agenda into its platform is “the conservative thing to do” has apparently established a beachhead on Jones Street.

The American Unity Fund  has hired two lobbyists, who are in very good standing with Republican state House leaders, to make the LGBTQ case in the North Carolina State Legislature.  According to the secretary of state’s web site, Theresa Kostrezwa and Lisa Martin of Capitol Advantage Associates are representing the group on Jones Street.

If you’ve been paying attention, you may know that the drivebyncleg media and the leftist mobs have been conniptioning over the passage of the so-called “bathroom bill.”  They are busily and dishonestly claiming the legislation strips away “rights.”  Actually, it simply says everybody — from Murphy to Manteo — has to play by the same rules. If you want to change the law, you have to change the General Statutes. 

Martin and Kostrezwa may be already achieving some results for their special DC-based client:

[…] Amid a barrage of criticism from major businesses and Democrats, North Carolina’s new LGBT law might get some tweaks when legislators return in late April.

Gov. Pat McCrory said in a video statement this week that he’d be open to “new ideas” for the law, although he provided no specifics

Several Republican legislators say they’d consider minor changes but aren’t willing to Snip20160402_3repeal major provisions of the law, which replaces local ordinances with a statewide nondiscrimination law that doesn’t include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories. […]



21 thoughts on “LGBT-ing the G-O-P.

  1. I’m not looking forward to seeing how many Republican legislators will “sell out” their values and conservative constituents and cater to the LGBTQ agenda. Many dont have a heart or spine so what else should I expect?!

  2. Sadly you are right about our legislators. Republican’s aren’t far from Democrats in their thinking on issues. Maybe we need a third party that will defend our values.

    1. Let’s hold off on that for awhile. In case you haven’t noticed, the Party is convulsed in a struggle for reformation and that’s a good thing. Two many would-be reformers are walking away in disgust, weakening the rest of us in the fight and that’s a bad thing. If you’re not on the State Executive Committee, run for one of your county’s At-Large Member slots. Round up support from like-minded allies in your county to support your run.

  3. If the GOP platform is altered to embrace the LGBTQ agenda, the fallout will be unrecoverable, IMHO.

    1. The legislators pay zero attention to the platform anyway. Even the party leadership pays no attention to it – unless something embarrasing creeps in like opposition to toll roads. Then they’ll drop that language at the next convention and make the grassroots fiht all over to put it back.

    2. rumor has it there is a push to add a more moderate platform and that Rep. Speciale, chairman of the platform committee, has received severe criticism from a few on the committee, rumor is that some on the platform committee are ready to file an official complaint if they don’t get the moderate language added in.

      1. This is why the platform and plan of org needs to be developed in public view using modern tools like gethub so every one can have input and see others ideas and to keep the process honest. I am not sure this will end debate on issues at convention but a more open and honest process would greatly help the conversation and produce much better thought out documents

      2. Remember it was the District chairmen who appointed most of this Platform Committee. If it is stacked with moderates, it is the district chairmen who did it. That tells you a whole lot about their politics and why they are after Harnett.

        We need to know who the Obama Republicans on this Platform Committee are.

  4. How long will it be before Woodhouse tries to hire these lobbyists at NCGOP HQ? Their involvement with the Gaystapo thugs should forever mark them as far leftists who are just not wanted in the GOP.

  5. In a perfect world, HB2 would be a STARTING point, not an end point that needs tweaking. I’m sick and tired of seeing a tiny minority of twisted folks manipulate OUR lives to meet THEIR values. ENOUGH!!! If anyone is “inconvenienced” it should be the “twisted 2%” not the “normal 98%”. Just say NO.

    1. In fact, those lobbyists should henceforth be shunned, whatever clients they work for. They have put themselves beneath contempt by supporting those who want to goose step all over religious liberty.

  6. What other clients do these liberal gay rights lobbyists represent? Who are their other clients funding this attack on the Governor and legislature? We need to know!

  7. Clients for Capital Advantage Associates (Lisa Martin and Theresa Kostrzewa):
    Smithfield Foods
    Well Care Health Plans
    Amplify Education
    Fleet Net
    JM Family Enterprises
    NC State Optometric Society

    1. These entities share lobbyists with the most vicious group of anti-Christian bigots in the state, the Gaystapo. Maybe it would help to publish their phone numbers so we can give them a piece of our minds.

  8. I always thought that opticians were a shady bunch; now I am certain they are. Not surprised that they are funding anti-Christian bigotry and attacks on legislators and our governor.

    1. As I recall, the opticians were involved in some very shady dealings with Jim Black. It is somehow not surprising that they have hired these scummy lobbyists who are anti-Christian bigots.

  9. Oh yea….I forgot about the Jim Black connection. I don’t know who the opticians’ leaders are, but they ain’t very smart.

  10. Paypal has tried to put a hit on NC for the godfathers of the Gay Mafia, and North Carolinians should be dumping their Paypal accounts for that reason alone. There are other problems with their service that consumers should be concerned about, too.

    There are viable alternatives to Paypal discussed on the site.

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