A Civil War, or an EVICTION?

Conservatives of the Tea Party ilk are being portrayed as unreasonable, petty children who turn over the gameboard and throw a fit when theymonk don’t get their way.  The establishmentarians at the Wall Street Journal are tut-tutting about a “Republican Crack-Up.”  

Speaking of throwing a hissy-fit:

The Fox News Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” host Shepard Smith argued the Freedom Caucus “demands” Washington grind to a halt and wants “disarray” while discussing House Majority Leader Representative pulling out of the race to become House speaker on Wednesday.

Smith said the Freedom Caucus wants “one of their own. Can those 40 members hijack the entire process, and if so, can our government function at all?”

He added that McCarthy was one of current Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) ’s (R-OH) “right hand men. He hadn’t been around in Washington very long. In fact, he’d sponsored just two bills, both to re-name buildings, nothing else in the way of legislative accomplishments, nothing. Yet he is too mainstream, too establishment, for the Freedom Caucus. So, they, reflecting the rants of their constituents, decided yesterday to support somebody else, as a unit.”

Later, Smith stated, “Unless Congress acts, our government will shut down. Members of the Freedom [Caucus] say that’s what they want, no compromise, without one, disarray, a level of government dysfunction virtually unprecedented in American history.”

He concluded, “Washington has officially ground to a halt, just as the Freedom Caucus demands.”shep1

Okay, let’s say you have a business.  You hire a new secretary / receptionist.  She regularly comes into work late.  Lets most calls go to voicemail.  She’s rude to the customers.  Can’t get the filing done. And her typing is loaded with spelling and grammar errors.  Basically, she’s not living up to the covenant you thought you struck when you hired her.  Are you causing chaos by tossing her into the unteaemployment line? Are you keeping her from getting things DONElike her nails, or buying groceries for her kids? 

Or are you firing her as a reprimand for not living up to what you expected from her when she was hired? 

Let’s say you are a landlord who leases to tenants — who trash the place, throw wild parties (causing the police to make daily visits), and are months late on the rent.  They’ve basically violated every aspect of the lease.  Are you causing chaos by evicting those losers?  One could argue that they are causing the chaos by making life miserable for neighbors, aggravating the police, and not paying their bills. 

In 2010, we gave these people — in Raleigh AND Washington — majorities with a clear mandate to roll back government.   To snatch power shep2from the government and restore freedom to individuals.  These Republicans instead chose to mimick the people they replaced.  They’ve violated their commitments to US — the bosses, the employers, the landlords, the people who pay the bills. Now, it’s time they paid the piper.  

“Getting things done” was not exactly on the top of our Founding Fathers’s minds when they got this country started.  They understood — from past experience with, oh, England — the destructive power of a strong, authoritarian government.  They purposely drew up things so it would be HARD for government to “get things done.”

The Cuban and North Korean governments are *GREAT* at “getting things done.”  But I don’t want to live there. And I don’t think you do either. 

8 thoughts on “A Civil War, or an EVICTION?

  1. When McCarthy let the cat out of the bag about Conservative’s use of the Benghazi hearings as a political hit as opposed to getting to the core issues, he exposed them. That is why the GOP is wringing its hands and in disarray now.
    Another sign of that is the SC Congressional Delegation. They opposed Hurricane Sandy relief when the Northeast states really needed it, but after last week’s storms in SC they are all about getting Federal relief for themselves.

    1. “When McCarthy let the cat out of the bag about Conservative’s use of the Benghazi hearings as a political hit as opposed to getting to the core issues, he exposed them.”

      Let the cat out of the bag? Come on one can not be that naive…. that was either pure Kabuki theater or McCarthy is really that dumb. Have you read the scathing letter that Gowdy sent to his minority Co-Chair Rep Elijah Cummings? No? Read it!


      I’d dare say that Gowdy’s committee has so far been the furthest thing from “political hit”. If McCarthy’s gaffe really was a “letting the cat out of the bag”, I’d say he proved that there really is no difference in the DEMs or GOPe and let the UniParty cat out of the bag.

    2. McCarthy pulled out due to the word on his relationship with Renee Ellmers circulating, the same issue that caused Bob Livingston to resign just after he actually won the position.

  2. Relax.

    It was Obama who promised to change the way things worked in Washington. Not the Republicans. We are doing just like we always have. Do not panic. Everything will be back to normal soon. Of course deciding what “normal” is may require some late night drinking.

  3. Looks like McCarthy was tasting sour grapes, when his alleged affair with Renee Ellmers was exposed. Caught with his pants down (pun intended) McCarthy made his sudden and unexpected decision to drop out of the speaker’s race. Ellmers is doing the “rope-a-dope”, and hiding under her desk.
    Republicans might not need the Benghazi Committee, as the Hildabeast’s “campaign” is self-destructing, all by itself.
    A new “Draft Paul Ryan” movement is afoot, and it remains to be seen if he will accept the speakership. I hope he will.

    1. Why? Do you want another Boehner, which is exactly what RINO Ryan would be? Ryan is to the left of McCarthy, Boehner, and even Ellmers, which is exactly why Ryan is Boehner’s choice. Getting rid of Boehner will have no impact if we end up with one of his clones like Ryan, who will cave in to Obama in the same way as Boehner and gut conservatives the same way as Boehner.

  4. After reading up on Ryan, and the things he supported, I can see your point, John.
    Jason Chaffetz might make a good speaker, and Trey Gowdy would be an excellent one.
    Somebody mentioned Michelle Bachman, Allen West, or even Newt Gingrich as Speaker. As noted, one does not have to be an elected member of the House to hold the Speaker’s position.

  5. Well, the cat is out of the bag! Joe (foot in his mouth) Biden has announced he’s not running for president. He made the announcement in the Rose Garden, with Obama hovering over him, to make sure Biden didn’t make another gaffe.
    What this also signals is that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s private server e mail scandal will go nowhere, and that comes from the top (The Obama Regime).
    My guess is that Hussein knows the Clintons aren’t stupid, and they’ve got the goods on Obama, as well.
    That also means that Hillary’s testimony tomorrow before Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee will also be a farce. Breathlessly waiting in the wings will be Hillary’s sycophants in the Main Stream Media, who will headline (in bold text):
    “SEE, SEE? Those Wascally Wepublicans couldn’t lay a glove on our anointed Queen Hillary! Why, she’s the smartest woman in the world!. Halleluiah, the Anointed Goddess Hillary handed the Republicans’ asses to them!”…….ad nauseum..
    As a consequence, the new Speaker of the House will be another “John Boehner Clone” Obama ass kisser.

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