The New “McCarthy”-ism (As the establishment spins)

If you believe the drive-bys, it’s Walter Jones’s fault.  It’s THAT ellmGOP donor’s fault.  It’s the Tea Party’s fault.

Washington is all abuzz and in turmoil over a story that has been sitting out there FOR YEARS.  But listening to the drive-bys — and the Rob Schofield fan club — you’d think this whole Ellmers-Mccarthy thing was recently pulled out of nowhere for the purpose of punishing McCarthy for spilling the beans about the “true” motive for the Benghazi hearings.

Really?  McCarthy and the boys have been steamrolling the Tea Party for years.  If our folks were really capable of “punishing” McCarthy, they would have done it months or years ago over, oh, amnesty, ObamaCare, raising the debt ceiling, busting the budget … 
But this whole Ellmers-McCarthy story has been MCCOUT THERE for years.  I first heard it in 2013.   Of course, I hear a lot of things — much of which never makes it onto our site.  Stuff comes over the transom that sometimes has a lot of truth to it.  And sometimes it has partial or absolutely NO truth to it.  I had no proof to run with then, so I went on to meatier things.  Ellmers had bigger sins — of the ideological, ethical, and voting nature — to atone for. 

But then, California blogger Chuck Johnson put it out there on his site IN JANUARY.  It’s been out there in the blogosphere for nearly NINE MONTHS!  Why is Ellmers just now calling out the lawyers and claiming to be victimized?ellmers boehner

Could it be that the speakership was at stake, and that we’re right in front of another tough reelection fight for Ellmers?  Could that have something to do with it?

That California blogger — Johnson — is quite the pitbull.  I can think of quite a few other people I’d rather tangle with than him.

He sounds pretty confident about his facts on this story right now, and almost seems to be begging Ellmers to sue him. (For the record, I’ve heard there is audio and video out there corroborating Johnson’s reporting.  Again, we’ll see.) 

Tillis-and-EllmersThis is all sounding a lot like the early days of the John Edwards – Rielle Hunter scandal.  The National Enquirer broke it. And the drive-bys poo-pooed it — mainly on the basis of the Enquirer’s well-established reputation.  Of course, we all know how that all ended up.  

From our POV, this whole story is a matter for the Ellmers family to decide for themselves whether a “contract” has been breached.

We believe the bigger story is the clear breach of the contract between Ellmers and her constituents:  Campaigning as a conservative, while rubber-stamping spending increases, debt ceiling increases, amnesty, ObamaCare, and tax increases, among other things.  


14 thoughts on “The New “McCarthy”-ism (As the establishment spins)

  1. Chuck Johnson is not someone I would be citing. Nor is “GotNews”. If it was true, there would have been evidence before now. Chuck Johnson… oi vey.

    What I see this rumor mill type story as is a convenient tool for leveraging the players in the Speaker race. It was likely re-dredged up just for this purpose.

    When it comes to Ellmers THIS Is the story:

    “We believe the bigger story is the clear breach of the contract between Ellmers and her constituents: Campaigning as a conservative, while rubber-stamping spending increases, debt ceiling increases, amnesty, ObamaCare, and tax increases, among other things. ”

    And I am on board there…

    1. Walter Jones carefully prodded with his letter, without doing any damage to anyone specific. Next thing you know, McCarthy resigns at the last minute. DOES NOT LOOK GOOD.

  2. “And the drive-bys poo-pooed it — mainly on the basis of the Enquirer’s well-established reputation. Of course, we all know how that all ended up.”

    Correction: the MSM dismissed it because they were lying to cover for Edwards. Recall the scene laid out in ‘Game Change’ when Elizabeth Edwards ripped her clothes off and exposed herself in a public rage, screaming at John about the affair? That was all in front of reporters, during his campaign. Yet it wasn’t “reported” until a year later.

  3. We need to keep our eye on the main prize, which is the Speakership. Boehner is trying to run another of his flunkies – Paul Ryan. McCarthy was to the left of Boehner, and Ryan is to the left of McCarthy. Ryan votes for all the bailouts and debt increases, and his last budget deal with Patty Murray was a real budget buster with lots of excessive spending. Ryan is a bigger pusher of amnesty for illegals than McCarthy, and McCarthy was more so than Boehner. Ryan even made radio ads supporting the Gang of 8 bill for the pressure group run by billionaire leftie ideologue and Obama bundler Mark Zuckerburg.

    Paul Ryan would be really really bad news as Speaker. He would just be more of the same as we have seen from Boehner, and likely much worse, at least as to issues.

  4. Since the speaker position DOES NOT have to be filled from the ranks of the current elected body of the House, I have to think that it may have been the expectation of circumstances and times like we are now experiencing that sprang the wisdom of such. I suggest exercising that wisdom would be correct reasoning.

  5. Why is she not addressing publicly more about her affair with disgraced RINO mcCarthy?

    perhaps it is correct. while she is “praying” for those who accuse her, i’m seeing the abortion queen and pro amnesty rino as the fruit of her true self…

    “ye shall know them by their fruit”

  6. The one who really needs to be stopped is Paul Ryan, who is Boehner’s new candidate for his successor. Ryan is to the left of both Boehner and McCarthy, and even to the left of Renee Ellmers. Ryan has voted for all the bailouts, the debt ceiling increases, the sellout CR deals with Obama, CRomnibus, funding Obamacare, funding Obama’s executive amnesty, and lots of other liberal things. He is a strong advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens. Ryan, like Boehner, is a ”pay for play” guy who is in the hip pocket of the corrupt crony capitalists of the US Chamber of Commerce. Ryan would likely be even worse than Boehner.

    1. I agree John, if Paul Ryan wins the speakership conservatives will LOSE bad. He is a huge proponent of amnesty and does not even attempt to hide it. McConnell and Ryan would destroy conservatives with more illegal immigration, deals with Iran, more EPA regs, More Obamacare,block grants for day care centers, and more support for the freight train of liberalism.

  7. “ye shall know them by their fruit”
    Excellent point, William! If a certain female Representative has been disloyal and broke her promises to the voters who put her in office, would it be reasonable that she would display the same infidelity in her marriage? Was McCarthy naïve enough to believe that nobody would find out about their tryst?
    Too paraphrase Confucius, “if man (or woman) live in glass house, they should not throw stones!”
    I agree that McCarthy was a Boehner clone. I was a Paul Ryan fan, but I also see your point about him. As William says, his voting record in the House betrays him.
    That leaves Dan Webster and Jason Chaffetz. However, Webster may lose his seat, due to court ordered redistricting in Florida. The unique thing about the House of Reps is you do not need to be an elected representative to be Speaker.
    And the beat goes on.

  8. Paul Ryan will be speaker and if Renee Ellmers resigns David Lewis will go to congress, I guess the moral of the story is be careful what you wish for…that’s the straight talk….

    1. David Lewis can be eviscerated in a primary with his very liberal record in the legislature. His record is as bad, if not worse than Ellmers. This there is his ”pay for play” gambit with HB 373.

      If David Lewis somehow gets the nomination, there needs to be an independent conservative running to make it a three way race. I think Jim Duncan would smoke him in a primary anyway, so it is a very remote possibility that he would be the nominee.

  9. To quote Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make”. My guess is that McCarthy, like Boehner, just did not have the votes. So, like Boehner, rather than going through the humiliation of a floor defeat, he retreated with as much dignity as possible to fight another day. As for the Elmers and McCarthy story flaring up, well like most good politicians, I am guessing it was they who brought it to the forefront as a distraction. Why file a lawsuit indeed. Both will use that story to drag the sympathy hook through the next election cycle.

  10. I respect your opinion Mark. But apparently, the McCarthy-Ellmers affair was one of the worst kept secrets in the Washington “inner circle”. That probably indicates why McCarthy was the “shoo-in” for Speaker one day, then suddenly and unexpectedly dropped out the next.
    Admittedly, Renee Ellmers is a very attractive woman, but last I checked, she had the connotation “Mrs.” in front of her last name. But hell, in the cesspool of Washington DC, the wedding rings come off in droves (so I’m told).
    Plus, she stabbed the voters in her district in the back, by campaigning as a conservative, then governing like a RINO.
    As for Ryan, he may have cooked his own goose. Drudge is reporting that Ryan is stating he’ll be more of a tyrant than John Boehner, if he gets the Speaker’s job.
    As I said, the beat goes on……………

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