The New “McCarthy”-ism (As the establishment spins)

If you believe the drive-bys, it’s Walter Jones’s fault.  It’s THAT ellmGOP donor’s fault.  It’s the Tea Party’s fault.

Washington is all abuzz and in turmoil over a story that has been sitting out there FOR YEARS.  But listening to the drive-bys — and the Rob Schofield fan club — you’d think this whole Ellmers-Mccarthy thing was recently pulled out of nowhere for the purpose of punishing McCarthy for spilling the beans about the “true” motive for the Benghazi hearings.

Really?  McCarthy and the boys have been steamrolling the Tea Party for years.  If our folks were really capable of “punishing” McCarthy, they would have done it months or years ago over, oh, amnesty, ObamaCare, raising the debt ceiling, busting the budget … 
But this whole Ellmers-McCarthy story has been MCCOUT THERE for years.  I first heard it in 2013.   Of course, I hear a lot of things — much of which never makes it onto our site.  Stuff comes over the transom that sometimes has a lot of truth to it.  And sometimes it has partial or absolutely NO truth to it.  I had no proof to run with then, so I went on to meatier things.  Ellmers had bigger sins — of the ideological, ethical, and voting nature — to atone for. 

But then, California blogger Chuck Johnson put it out there on his site IN JANUARY.  It’s been out there in the blogosphere for nearly NINE MONTHS!  Why is Ellmers just now calling out the lawyers and claiming to be victimized?ellmers boehner

Could it be that the speakership was at stake, and that we’re right in front of another tough reelection fight for Ellmers?  Could that have something to do with it?

That California blogger — Johnson — is quite the pitbull.  I can think of quite a few other people I’d rather tangle with than him.

He sounds pretty confident about his facts on this story right now, and almost seems to be begging Ellmers to sue him. (For the record, I’ve heard there is audio and video out there corroborating Johnson’s reporting.  Again, we’ll see.) 

Tillis-and-EllmersThis is all sounding a lot like the early days of the John Edwards – Rielle Hunter scandal.  The National Enquirer broke it. And the drive-bys poo-pooed it — mainly on the basis of the Enquirer’s well-established reputation.  Of course, we all know how that all ended up.  

From our POV, this whole story is a matter for the Ellmers family to decide for themselves whether a “contract” has been breached.

We believe the bigger story is the clear breach of the contract between Ellmers and her constituents:  Campaigning as a conservative, while rubber-stamping spending increases, debt ceiling increases, amnesty, ObamaCare, and tax increases, among other things.