ANOTHER attempt to oust Lewis from RNC?

The Third District GOP took a stab at it.  Now, this comes over the transom:  

Dear North Carolina Republicans,

Please forward this email to any other NC Republican you know.

This is a different document than the Articles of Impeachment document that Members of the NC Republican Executive Committee have received. Members of the NC GOP Executive Committee are encouraged to sign both documents. Other Republicans are encouraged to sign the Official Complaint (see link below).

The possibility of the creation of “shadow parties” in the NC House and Senate, plus additional shadow parties in the Council of State (for the Governor) was provided for by an amendment to HB 373, and by SB 119.

These bills were passed in the “11th hour” without time for the legislators to read them, much less adequate time for citizens to voice their concerns to their elected representatives.

David Lewis engineered the amendment to HB 373 and therefore should be held accountable.

Representative Lewis has supported a number of liberal issuesdl like the renewable energy subsidies and mandates, driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, corporate welfare, and a massive gas tax increase. This is definitely not the message we want sent to the Republican National Convention.
An Official Complaint against these actions can be read and printed for your use by clicking HERE.

Please assist by obtaining as many signatures of NC Republican Party Members as you can. It will be especially helpful if members of the NC GOP Executive Committee will also sign this document. The document with original signatures (not copies) should be mailed to me not later than October 23rd, 2015, because two weeks notice to David Lewis is required by the NC Republican Party Plan of Organization, and I hope to have this as an agenda item for the next meeting of the NC Executive Committee on November 14th, 2015.

Any help you can give to successfully complete this project will be greatly appreciated.

Hal James
Member, North Carolina Republican Party Executive Committee
305 Calico Drive, New Bern, North Carolina, 28560wright

You may remember that we last hear from CCTA regarding the hiring of Dallas Woodhouse and the alleged mistreatment of party chairman Hasan Harnett and vice-chairman Michele Nix. 

Boehner quitting.  McCarthy dropping out of the speaker’s race.  To paraphrase Barry Obama’s preacher, perhaps the chickens are COMING HOME TO ROOST.