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#nc-09: McCready FINALLY coughs up the Hijab Honey’s money. (Allah Akbar!)

  We were the first ones to call the Anointed Ginger One out on his anti-semitic pro-terrorist associations.  Dan McCready had Ilhan Omar’s money since November, but has been silent on it.  Instead, he’s been loudly questioning the moral compass of a certain Baptist preacher….

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Ally, donor to #nc-09’s Dan McCready: Al Qaeda threat is overblown

  Sudanese immigrant Ilhan Omar has made quite  a name for herself since arriving in Washington.  She was one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.  Her BIG MOUTH inspired a bipartisan anti-hate resolution to pass the House overwhelmingly.     Omar has…

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NC-09: Big Labor, radical left have bet BIG $$$$ on Dan McCready (and they’ll likely keep doing it)

  Democrats are working hard to sell us on their alleged clean-cut, GI Joe, patriotic-as-apple-pie, capitalism-loving, All-American Boy nominee in the Ninth Congressional District.  For all that spin, Mr. McCready sure does whip up a lot of excitement among folks nationwide and across the globe…

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NC-09: McCready took $$$ from George Soros-funded, reported terrorist-supporting PAC

  Front Page magazine, published by conservative activist David Horowitz, says J Street — a liberal Jewish PAC based in DC — is way too kind to George Soros and accused anti-Semite, actual member of Congress, and actual Dan McCready donor  Ilhan Omar: The Left’s…

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NC-09: McCready accepted cash from radical Muslim loudmouth

  A freshman Democrat in the US House has already made a mark for herself.  Ilhan Omar — a Muslim Somali immigrant — has been  thrust into the national spotlight for alleged anti-Semitic rants.  And she’s made her mark in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District…

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NC-09: Are Democrats exaggerating / inflating McCready’s military record?

  It’s nothing new for liberals to construct conservative-sounding imagery when running in areas that normally vote Republican.  If you read what Democrats and their slobbering sycophant sidekicks in the driveby media say about young Democrat Dan McCready, you’d think DEMs had recruited GI Joe,…

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NC-09: Mr. McCready and the company he keeps

  You can often tell a lot about a person by looking at the people closest to them.  For instance, we know that Dan McCready was very cozy during the 2018 version of this race with some of the most radical leftists the nation has…

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NC-09: Ginger McCready, useful leftist tool

  The Dan McCready campaign wants to paint the picture of a decorated war hero, committed capitalist, and devout church-going family man who simply wants to go to DC to fight for his hometown folks and their values. It’s pretty clear from looking at McCready’s…

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NC-09: Ginger McCready FILES! (Trumpets sound, tears of joy flow in driveby newsrooms from Murphy to Manteo to NY to DC)

  Democrat Ginger McCready,  who cries and whines more than ANY U.S. Marine in American history, has valiantly stormed the state board of elections building with the hope of being the first man to lose the same congressional race two years in  a row to…

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NC-09: “Baseless” in 2016 = NOBLE in 2018-19

It’s funny how Pat McCrory’s concerns about vote fraud in 2016 – which sound a lot like the stuff we’re talking about NOW — were derided by leftists as “baseless”.  But, in 2018, when  they’re on the losing end, they’ll fuss about the same stuff…