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Drive-by media silent on Laura Leslie’s social media, but ALL OVER Mark Robinson’s

  It’s been four years since we caught WRAL’s Laura Leslie blaming Christian conservatives for mass murder in a Florida gay night club.  (It was actually perpetrated by a Hillary-loving Muslim.)  She railed against “Crazy MFers with guns” and Sean Hannity.  Meanwhile,  WRAL lets her…

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#ncga: AND the arbiter of good taste on social media isssssssss …. Laura Leslie ???

I know. It’s kinda hard to believe she’s got the cojones to pop her head back up out of her hole after her performance last year.  Larry Pittman using the words Hitler and Lincoln in the same sentence?  How about Laura Leslie blaming Christians who backed…

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Apologize when Laura Leslie DOES.

Our lazy, no-account, shiftless, irresponsible driveby media has apparently decided that their modus operandi — at least until Democrats OWN EVERYTHING — is to troll Republican social media accounts to find things that can be appropriately twisted to make the account-holder appear sufficiently BIGOTED.  …

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#ncpol: Laura Leslie — STILL employed ????

Yep, the same individual who was all over social media blaming Christians and Trump voters for the gay night club massacre in Orlando — the same person who ranted about the “crazy mf-ers with guns” — has been elevated to social media police-person at WRAL…

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What? Laura Leslie is STILL employed?

WRAL must be like the government.  You CAN’T get fired. Miz Laura Leslie became a national laughingstock not too long ago for her outrageously leftist handiwork on Facebook while pretending to be an objective observer of all things political  (see HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE)….

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#ncpol: Dan Blue channels his inner Farrakhan / Sharpton / Obama / Barber / Laura Leslie

Dan Blue used to be a pretty reasonable guy.  When he was speaker of the NC House, he was a guy Republicans could actually do business with.  But, as time went on, and the GOP started taking over, and the Democrats careened far to the…

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Shades of Laura Leslie: The N&O and the art of the two-minute smear

We learned a lot about political coverage at Jim Goodmon’s WRAL by watching Laura Leslie’s Facebook account.     Leslie is an unabashed, unashamed fire-breathing hard-left feminazi.  But she is presented to us by WRAL as a fair and balanced political reporter. Over at the The…

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Laura Leslie: Beware the “Crazy MFers with guns”

OK. Let’s review.  Last week, ISIS told us ALL that they were going to hit Florida.  This weekend, a d-bag named Omar — who, not coincidentally, pledged allegiance to ISIS — shot up a crowded gay bar in Orlando while shouting “Allah Akbar.”  (There is all…

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WRAL’s Laura Leslie: HB2 supporters to blame for Orlando shootings

Yep. She went THERE.  (We were so expecting “Gay Stuff!!!”™ Campbell over at The N&O to do it first.)   Laura Leslie appeared to show her true radical leftist colors on her Facebook page this weekend.  The page got sanitized, but we — via the…

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Oh, hell. Miz Laura is BACK !!!

It wasn’t long ago that the nation was exposed to WRAL-TV superstar Laura Leslie’s social media activity. The Jones Street / politics correspondent made it clear what she thought of Christians, Republicans, Donald Trump, Sean Hannity and other conservatives. Once her postings went public, Miz…