WRAL’s shameful ‘Laura Leslie’ double-standard on social media

It seems like just yesterday that WRAL on-camera superstar Laura ‘Butch’ Leslie went on a vulgar social media rampage claiming – among other things – that North Carolinians who supported traditional marriage and bathroom / locker room security inspired mass murder of gays in Florida. 

We rewarded her efforts with some statewide and national publicity.  She disappeared from the airwaves for a week or so.  But WRAL put her back on the air — without ANY apologies, retractions, or clarifications – working the same political beat.  Her hatred of conservatives and Republicans was made crystal clear on social media.  But the powers-that-be in the WRAL newsroom had no problem with siccing Leslie back on the very people she just trashed on social media.

Amazingly, a lot of Raleigh Republicans continue to talk to her.

Fast forward to campaign 2024.  Leslie and WRAL’s web site will not let go of Republican DPI nominee Michele Morrow’s Media Matters-, CNN- and George Soros-powered social media problems. We understand Leslie is non-stop trolling Morrow’s campaign staff. WRAL and Raleigh Republicans apparently cut Leslie some slack about her social media misadventures.  But, apparently, Leslie will not extend any similar sort of mercy to Morrow.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have nominated an actual rioter for state labor commissioner.  Apparently, for Leslie and WRAL, writing stuff on social media trumps actually fighting the police in the streets of Charlotte.