What the Raleigh crowd REALLY thinks about the rest of us

Not too long ago, the common practice following a tough primary / intra-party election was to reach out to the defeated side, kiss-and-make-up, and then prep for the upcoming battle against the other side. But what about when “the other side” is actually a bunch of folks registered in the same party you are?

You’ve all heard about the sketchy, fishy deal hatched in DC where Michael Whatley got traded to the RNC in DC, while RNC goon Jason Simmons got promoted to state party chairman.  Despite the fix being in, grassroots operatives staged a valiant effort to try and block the deal.

The grassroots challenge failed – as have many similar efforts since the coup against Hasan Harnett. Were there any conciliatory outreach efforts to try and unite the party ahead of a tough November fight? Read the following comments from our site and judge for yourself.



And here’s the “reply”:



And then there was THIS:



The fight inside the North Carolina Republican Party is not over issues or ideology or the direction of the party.  It’s about control.  It’s a battle between the “beautiful” Raleigh people and the grassroots “nerds.”  It’s not a political movement, in the eyes of many in our capital city,  It’s an exclusive coterie or cotillion.  Strategy and decisions are hammered out with all the diligence and thoughtfulness of an ‘American Idol’ vote. 

It’s the kind of arrogance you see in the above comments that fuels things like mass registration shifts from Republican to Unaffiliated.  A lot of the Raleigh insiders seriously believe they’d be fine without all of these ideologues from out of town.  But how many political campaigns have you seen — where ‘worker bees’ were chased off and discouraged — that succeeded?

Along these same lines, we actually have members of the GOP Raleigh cabal conspiring to sabotage the campaign of DPI GOP nominee Michele Morrow.  Top aides to state senators Vicki Sawyer and Phil Berger have been spotted on social media trashing Morrow and musing about: (1) having her removed from the ballot, (2) organizing a ”Republicans for Mo Green” operation, or (3) initiating a write-in campaign.

 Are their bosses aware of this? Do they approve?

Again, we have a rare case where a grassroots candidate knocked off a favorite of the Raleigh cabal.  Instead of living up to the sermon the NCGOPe preach to us each year — unite for the sake of “the party” — some in the Raleigh cabal would prefer to see a victory by Marxist-leaning Democrat Mo Green than a win by a GOPer who has some intriguing ideas about reforming public education and is more conservative than they are.

There are a lot of people in the NCGOP establishment who believe the GOP rose to power in that town because they are so fabulous, good looking, and such fabulous cocktail party conversationalists.  The very thought of grassroots folks living outside the belt line or even Wake County, is often met with eye-rolls and bemused snickers.  *The folks in fly-over, or drive-thru country, are good for putting up campaign signs, passing out palm cards, and voting.*

THAT is about it in the eyes of the Raleigh clique.  The hard work is done by those people, while the Raleigh clique gets on TV, gets in the room with the governor or president, and fields phone calls from Capitol Hill, the RNC or The White House.

During the period they’ve had a stranglehold on the NCGOP, the Raleigh crowd has subjected the state party to an embarrassing FBI bribery probe, reckless abandonment of key components of the party platform,  and poor fundraising performance leading to multiple prop-ups by the powers-that-be in DC.

Why keep hoping that Lucy will finally allow Charlie Brown to kick the football?  If these people in Raleigh can’t get over themselves, and start acting like actual teammates, let’s allow them to see what life would be like all by themselves on the political battlefield.