Key NCGOP donors / fundraisers pan Whatley antics, back Jim Womack as new state party chairman

Some folks in DC and Raleigh have attempted to portray the NCGOP’s Michael Whatley as some sort of ”golden boy”.  Many NCGOP heavy-hitters are starting to see Donald Trump‘s pick to head the Republican National Committee as little more than ” fool’s gold.”

The word I am hearing from both power cities is that Whatley and his allies misled President Trump and other DC-based politicos on how easy it would be to fill the state party chairmanship upon Whatley’s ascent to the RNC’s top job.  Sources say people like senator Ted Budd and president Trump were incorrectly led to believe replacing Whatley would be little more than a blessing of whomever Whatley selected and NOT a  competitive race.

Some in party leadership were quick to point out an election would be required to pick Whatley’s successor.  Whatley’s hand-picked choice is state party executive director Jason Simmons.  But now, it appears there will be at least THREE choices for NCGOP leaders to consider in replacing Whatley:  Lee County chairman Jim Womack, Guilford County activist and leader Marcus Kindley, and Simmons.

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night in Johnston County at a venue called The Farm at Selma.   The NCGOP’s executive committee — including legislators – will meet to consider the question of Whatley’s replacement.

Two key players on the state GOP’s financial side are making their opinions known about the selection of Whatley’s replacement as state GOP chairman.  Jim Anthony and Pat Gavaghan, both significant and respected fundraisers and donors for the state party, are publicly expressing their disappointment with Whatley’s tenure at the state party and are encouraging the selection of Jim Womack as the new state party chairman.

Here’s Gavaghan:


Here’s Anthony: